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Such a quality event! Will definitely be back next year for @hotimportnights_au. A HUUGEEEEE shoutout to to the boys at @houseofstance and @mikecacphe for literally pulling a week worth of late nights and all nighters to get this thing done. Couldn't have asked for a better punch of blokes! Also a huge thanks to @paonery for housing me for the week, much appreciated! 📸 @kevinphetrasi
Looking for cars to shoot around central Florida. Hit up @actually.otter ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Use #cfl_cars for features ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #importdolls #importdollsflorida #k5 #cfl_cars #kdmflorida #thedrivenkind #ruinedinc #lensoamerica #axewheels #ladydriven #prettylittledrivers #photography #photooftheday
Back in the day I was plain, now I get fly as a plane😈😎
One of the most important things I’ve been reminded over the past few weeks. It’s easy for me to stop dreaming when I start going through difficult seasons. When life feels like it’s just kicked me over and over again, one of the worst things I can do is stop dreaming. Because when you stop dreaming, you stop hoping. And ultimately stop knowing there will be better seasons. So if you’re going through a rough season right now, whatever that may look like. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT stop dreaming. Setting aside your dreams makes you focus on your pain that much more. It will begin to cripple you and make you lose sight of all the things your life could have turned out to be. So this statement, although trite, is an important one to take to heart. Keep pushing to make your dreams happen. Even when it feels like they never will. 🖤 Love you friends! KEEP DREAMING. 🖤
This is what fall looks like in AZ. We don't get pretty colors. Everything just goes from green to dead. Oh, and it's December, and winter just decided to start yesterday so finally cold outside. 🌫️ 🌫️ #AZcomet #RedSuns #WhiteComet #rx7fc #rotary #zoomzoom #Mazda #rx7 #jdm #ItsMoreThanJustACar #80scars #tougesociety #learningcurve #mountlemmon #rotaryclub #rx7nation #rotarypower #thedrivenkind #drivingmatters
9hrs till HIN bump in and my car is in pieces. 📸 @eirocaptures
Ready for this snow tomorrow❄️
Peep the hell horns 😈🔥 Owner @satin_wrx