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The sky lapping the ocean.
Feeling so inspired by the coming of spring. 🌿🙊 // P.S. Click on the link in my bio to subscribe to the 'Early Subscribers' mailing list - available for a limited time only. 💌 #healthyliving #happy #spring #southafrica #fresh #fitnessmotivation
Reflections on reflections: taken during my first year at UBC. Even walking the same route to class every day, I always try to find moments worth capturing, so I've basically accumulated probably over a thousand photos along main mall 😂
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You gonna be home soon? #willbywillforwill
Cordova x Abbott
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Robson x Seymour
I managed to get some instameet pics of my own, outside of carrying a broken bucket 😋 so happy to meet beautiful souls like miss @emplem ! Thanks again to everyone who came out to the @livelifens and @perkshalifax event on Sunday! #hfxboardwalks . As well thanks to all of our sponsors @covekombucha @bodegaboutique @squarerootssmu @jewelledwaves @holymosesbeauty @tenfedproject @tripleapizzeria @behumanclothing
Linda's Pawn Shop in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Linda, I learned, was a less-than-agreeable woman of about sixty, who when asked if she was indeed the owner of the shop, she responded argumentatively, "Who's asking?" Linda's Pawn is laden with oddities, some funny and some sad. The poorly-drawn sign on a door to a back room decaring "$ex $hop - No Minors" was the former. The glass cases full of pawned First Nations ceremonial clothing was the latter.
Who else loves sunflowers?! · · · · ·