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Readin' the scriptures before bed. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Just had to stop at the State Line to take a picture. Just before this we passed the tiny town of Texola, which has a bit of an identity problem. Since the date of its founding in 1901, the town has been known as Texoma, Texokla, and Texola--the result of conflicting surveys that showed it in Texas or Oklahoma at various times. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66
Built by Bradley Kiser in 1930, then in downtown Allenreed, TX #thechandlersroute66adventures #texas66 #historicroute66 #historicroute66gasstation
Met Harley Russell here at this Route 66 icon in Erick, OK #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66
Eating a Flagstaff Pie at Amarillo's oldest restaurant--established in 1946. #thechandlersroute66adventures #texas66 #historicroute66 #route66divesanddiners
Scott at dinner time. I think, despite his claims otherwise, that's tired out. #thechandlersroute66adventures
VW Bug Ranch--a slight poke at the Cadillac Ranch. #thechandlersroute66adventures #texas66 #historicroute66
People have taken it upon themselves to decorate the nearby abandoned buildings as well. #thechandlersroute66adventures
I told you that you'd be seeing a lot of Route 66 signs... 😊 #thechandlersroute66adventures
Bug Ranch, an ironic satire of Cadillac Ranch. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Found in a restroom at a rest stop. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Harley, holding the first Route 66 sign for Oklahoma. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66
I am coming to believe that America is truly about making everything as big as possible. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Mother. Brother. Bridge. Route 66. #thechandlersroute66adventures
My mom, sitting in an old Ford Model T seat and pretending to drive! #thechandlersroute66adventures
We had lunch at Ann's Chicken Fry House today. Originally the building was a 1948 gas and service station that served motorists on Route 66 from 1948 to 1966. In 1966, it became a restaurant named the "Three Bulls Steak House." In the early 1970s, the business was purchased by Al Burchett and his brother. They needed a new name, but couldn't decide on what name to use, so the out their names, as well as their wife's name in a hat. The winning name was Ann, which is Al's brother's wife. The food here was excellent! #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66 #divesanddiners
We drove over the longest Pony Truss Bridge on Route 66 today. It was built in 1933, is 3,994 feet long, and has 38 Pony Trusses. It was so cool. This bridge was also used in the filming of "The Grapes of Wrath" starring Henry Fonda. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66
This rural Route 66 filling station, with an over the drive design, was built by Carl Ditmore in 1929. W.O. Waldrop bought the business/home in 1934 and renamed the place, the Provine Station. A small tourist court was added for overnight stays. In 1941, Lucille and Carl Hamons became the new owners. They raised their three children, Dene, Carl Jr., and Cheryl here. For 59 years, Lucille operated the business. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66
This building is the original Lucille's station. It was built in 1927 on Route 66. The building has living quarters on the second floor. The interstate was the death of Lucille's at this location. Also, I totally stepped into a puddle of water while backing up to take this picture…. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Pop's on Route 66. Also known as a "soda ranch and diner", it boasts having 700 different soda flavors. I wish we could have been here at night to see the soda bottle all lit up. But, alas. . . unfortunately, you can't do and see everything on Route 66. Soda bottle is 66-feet tall. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66 #sodas
Lunch at Ann's Chicken Fry House! #thechandlersroute66adventures
We really wanted to see this at night, as it lights up. Sadly, our timing just didn't work out. We were too tired to go farther than Chandler last night. Happily, this is still pretty cool in the daytime. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Looking out one of the Round Barn windows. #thechandlersroute66adventures
This is the restored 1898 Round Barn of Arcadia. In the last museum we visited, they said that no one really knows how it was constructed. #thechandlersroute66adventures
The Round Barn of Arcadia. Built in 1898, this barn sits on the original alignment of Route 66. It was built by William H. Odor and the construction is considered an architectural wonder. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66 #barns
Early filling station ruins. #thechandlersroute66adventures
One of the oldest gas stations on Route 66 in this part of Oklahoma. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66
I had a couple of people ask me about the Tow Mater tow truck I posted a picture of a few days ago. This one (which was right next to the one I posted a few days ago) is the actual truck that inspired the character. As far as I can tell, before the movie, there were no eyes in the windshields. It was simply an old rusted tow truck that sat in Galena. You can actually still rent it out for special events! Imagine having Tow Mater at your kids birthday party, giving rides to everyone! Anyway, after the movie came out, a naming contest was held (since the name Tow Mater was already copyrighted). The favorite name, submitted by one of Galena’s young residents: Tow Tater. #thechandlersroute66adventures
The museum had six video stations. In about half of them, you sat on seats taken from old cars. In the other three stations, you actually laid down on beds to watch the video. They are symbolic of all the motels on Route 66. #thechandlersroute66adventures
On the road again! We found this street sign in Chandler, OK! #thechandlersroute66adventures
We spent an hour and a half at the Route 66 Interpretative Center this morning. It was well worth stop, even with a few technical glitches in the displays. #thechandlersroute66adventures
This is a classic 1930s Phillips 66 cottage-style gas station. It is currently being restored by the owner. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Wall art in Davenport. The first Postmistress. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66 #wallart
We drove a brick road in this small Oklahoma town, and discovered some delightful wall art. Dr. Nickel #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66
This former gas & service station is now the Afton Station Museum & Visitor Center. #thechandlersroute66adventures #oklahoma66 #historicroute66gasstation
I thought this one was a pretty neat concept. All the churches in Davenport are pictured. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Seriously though, I do love wall art. It makes my heart rather happy. #thechandlersroute66adventures