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With a grand total of 5,324.5 miles, and 12 states, it is good to finally be home again. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Well, we've gone 5,424.5 miles in three and a half weeks. It's lovely to be home though. #homeisalwaysanadventure #thechandlersroute66adventures #jennsloveaffairwiththesky
On every trip we've ever been on, Scott gets grumpy and ornery as we head back home, as he would love to "be on the road 365 days a year." This trip has been no exception. We've had to listen to his grumpy comments about heading to Delta tomorrow morning all day long. So, just before we left Disney California Adventure Park tonight, I bought this t-shirt for him. Perfect!! #thechandlersroute66adventures
Found this bunny waiting for us in our hotel when we returned this evening. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Love Olaf. Such a good show today. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Ready to do some serious driving. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater! They were an appropriate end for our Route 66 trip. #thechandlersroute66adventures 📸 @chandlerk7
Luigi's Rollockin' Roadsters. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Hugging a palm tree. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Mr. Potato Head. Pixar Play Parade. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Love slinky dog at the Pixar Play Parade. #thechandlersroute66adventures
The Pixar Play Parade. #thechandlersroute66adventures
The Pixar Play Parade. #thechandlersroute66adventures
It's been a great day. #thechandlersroute66adventures
This is what greeted us when we returned from our day at Disney California Adventure. #thechandlersroute66adventures
Saw Frozen today as well. It was delightful, and @alyssamsimmons was absolutely perfect in it. #thechandlersroute66adventures 📸 @chandlerk7
Miracles really happen. Can't hardly believe we ran into these peeps at Disney California Adventure! #thechandlersroute66adventures
Did I mention that today was a good day? #thechandlersroute66adventures 📸 @chandlerk7
This cutie full on hugged a tree today, and then wouldn't properly do it when I tried to take a picture. #thechandlersroute66adventures