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Total eclipse of the ❤️ - this song will be stuck in my head all day. #eclipse2017
A Dream of Golden Days "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." W.B. Yeats
It's only a phase..🌙🌑 #solareclipse2017
In exactly two weeks my littlest one turns FOUR! She has no idea all the changes that are going to be happening in the upcoming weeks and months; I can't help but look back at all her growth and see all that she has conquered. Bold and courageous, smart and beautiful. Here's to the last couple of weeks of three 💛
happy Monday ☀ does anyone else find themselves trying to balance every minute aspect of their lives? because same. I'm a control freak so by nature I try to force balance so that everything I love has equal amounts of my attention and time. but I've come to realize somethings simply require more attention than other things and that's the key (in my opinion) to finding balance: recognizing that not everything requires the same amount of time + attention 🌿
A swirl of two merging clays forms our Dune bowl by @pagestocks Her pieces can be found in our individual collection.
i will probably never find words for everything i feel about today, this first day my babies will go away from me to school. @victoriaericksonwriter said the other day that "no one warns you about the amount of mourning in growth." i think i knew it was coming, but who is ever prepared to grieve when choosing new things? there is so much to look forward to; there is so much to let go. i am a bit afraid to face myself in the silence here - their sounds have been both an anchor and a stay in many ways over the last years - but i know it is time for me to be as brave as i am asking them to be. i know we can do this. i know it is going to be better than i can imagine right now. is it always this way, letting them go, missing them, yet needing the space their absence creates? i don't know what it is like to live without being "on call" every minute. i know it is time for me to learn. i know it is time for them to learn. i hope so hard today that we'll all be stronger on the other side, that the possibilities i see for good will come to pass, that this choice will mean more life for us all. . . . . . . . . . . #bykellēsauer #growth #liveauthentic #firstdayofschool #inspiration #light #emotion #photography #morning #view #findthelight #theartofslowliving #collection #art #fallen #life #breathe #hygge #traveldeeper #destination #explore #explorer #dogwood #floral #stayandwander #exploretocreate #ourplanetdaily #daily #huffpostgram #inspiration
"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou | Double-tap if you'd like to flex more creative muscles in your life 💪🏻🖋💕 .. Another week means another opportunity to try something new or to jump back into your favorite creative outlet! One of my favorites other than pointed-pen is sketching, but I have to intentionally set aside time for it as well as other activities that are more personal than professional. I created this piece during a @thesketchbookseries class & it's extra special now because my sis @lyslaw used it in her own wedding invitation design. You never know where your art may go! .. What's your favorite creative hobby? Whatever it is try to set aside a small chunk of time this week to devote to improving {or simply using!} your skill. You won't regret it!
Fermarsi a pranzo in un quadro🌿...Dopo una salita dove anche una perugina doc come me ha rischiato di lasciare la lingua attaccata ai ciottoli, questo panorama al lato del castello dà la stessa soddisfazione di una bottiglia d acqua fredda😜😍 #travelgram #mytravelgram #tv_living #naturelovers #passport #familymoments #italiainunoscatto #bloggalline #whatitalyis #igersperugia #igersemiliaromagna #ig_italia #ifoodsummer17 #volgoitalia #roamtheplanet #vivo_italia # #instafollow #picoftheday #italia365 #thewomoms #countryside #tv_nature #naturelovers #summer4igers #campagna #estate17 #picoftheday #followme #theartofslowliving #bestmoment
Crema al limone, da sempre la mia merenda preferita 🍋
Isn't it wonderful when you find something rather special right on your doorstep! Found this vintage shot of my very first visit to The Old Flight House & I just can't stop returning.... The Old Flight House is a must visit for the discerning vintage lover. Superbly refreshing in its interiors with over 70 individual units each would win an Oscar for set design. There is a most delightful cafe serving lunches or just pop by for a coffee & slice,all very tempting as are the interiors. Truly inspirational,not sure I should really share..... ☕️🍰😉👌 #oldflighthouse #westononthegreen #interiors #antiques #shop #vintage #oxfordshire #aquietstyle #nestandflourish #simplethingsmadebeautiful #postitfortheaesthetic #seekthesimplicity #nothingisordinary #myeverydaymagic #theartofslowliving #foreverfaffing #verilymoment #vintagestyle #vintageshop #vintagefashion #vintagelove #theoldflighthouse #lovethisshop #bicester #bicester #tbt
Today I'm saying goodbye to a couple of pieces including this lovely, big grey and cream number. It's been one of the most liked wall hangings in my shop and it finally found itself a home, all the way in Bahrain! If you'd like to pick yourself up a wall hanging for your home in Bahrain or Barcelona or Bali or Baltimore or Ballybunion, click on the link in my bio and use code BYEBYESUMMER for 20% off your order (until Aug 26th)! ✈️🛳🚂🚀
As I promised I'm sharing with you some of my pictures I took during my visit in Belgium and Normandy. This one is from Gand ...the city that really stole my heart ❤. Hope your week started well dears. I'm on the beach right now...love these kind of mondays 😍😚
I'm so happy I've finally put together photos from my trip to Wales! Strumble Head Lighthouse was my favourite place to visit and this notebook serves me now as inspiration board during the painting sessions. The colors there were divine!