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Crafts at school today and the focus was real 😅♥️ #thisisfour #prek #wearevbschools
Santa was a hit this year!! Liam asked for a skateboard! He’s been asking for a helmet for months! Then like 2 weeks ago he started asking for a skateboard. Like Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles. 😂
Since this guy will be working the holiday, and had been working the last four days, we made it a point to make it up to one of our favorite beaches ✨🎄🌊 #happyholidays
What do the Holidays mean to you? What is the some of the energy you feel this time of year? For me, it’s generosity and slowing down. Giving to others as well as ourselves is some potent medicine this season, and pairing that with slow, conscious choices is a recipe for goodness all around ✨ Come do some last minute holiday gift buying/giving AND slow down with me tomorrow at @thefullestmag Holiday Market in Laguna Beach! There will be some amazing gift shopping as well as yummy drinks and food, free hair braiding for the whole family too! I will be there offering crystal readings for you or your loved ones, as well as the usual crystal magic. Can’t wait to enjoy the holiday spirit with you all! Tomorrow! Sunday 12/17 11a-6p 7 Degress // 891 Laguna Canyon Rd. Laguna Beach, CA 92651 See you soon! 🌹✨🕊🌲⛄️
All is calm, all is bright. ♥️✨
LA > SF 🌴
Our Christmas shopping trip in a nutshell.
Our one year anniversary event is just around the corner. We'll be gathering at @gatevalvestudio on January 6th from 11-2pm. Tickets will be going on sale tomorrow evening starting at 7pm. Sign up for community membership and get FREE event access (with RSVP upon membership signup). We can't wait to share more details tomorrow!
9 sleeps 'til 🎅🏼More wine is just fine this year, Santa bb🍷🎄
It’s an indescribable feeling to see the joy in her eyes for the simplest of things. Patiently awaiting more fresh snow! #latergram
Who else has disco-ball baubles on their Christmas Tree? 😂😂😂 . . . . . #fivesixblue #christmastree #baubles #discoball #kirakira #behindthescenes #homeiswheretheheartis #christmas #hygge #hyggehome #thathyggefeeling #cosy #familytime
Just him and his day pack @arktypedesign, perfect for all of our (my) camera accessories 😆.
Feeling big a bit of kind kitchen envy this evening...love how fresh and clean this lovely room is from @beckandjules Meanwhile at my house I feel like I've been trying for days to get the counters cleaned off. Well, maybe tomorrow! #kitchendecor #holidayvibes #christmasmood
being young, in college and a newly wed can put a tight budget on a lot of things. but it’s been such an amazing-awesome-radical sight to witness that our God has it all under control. literally every week we have enough and even more yet we still stress (lol) i’ve totally learned from this season to just let God be the God he says he is, because i promise you he will not fail at what he does. 💛
The way @shelleradcliffe throws a party... 😍
So dashing!
Our Redemption Arcade is now Open! Come and play! #columbiatn #familyfun #arcadegames
Super love this! @20minutecandles the most beautiful way to mark the time: set aside 20 minutes to unplug, meditate, pray, breathe and be #theartofslowliving
i feel hungover because I’ve been sleeping so much since finals ended 😂😂 is this what adequate sleep feels like?! anywho, I’ll be doing blog work now that I’m awake & the link to my first post on Being Mare is in my bio 🌙✨ #throwbacks pc: @kozak08
Never settle for good enough. It's a new day, create something. 📷 @ohboyd__ #adidas
Check out @jillsans beautiful work! I gave her a few different versions of the hand lettered listen, and she had made it into something incredible. ““Listen” to the silence of our everyday lives, the place where our thoughts live and our hearts feel free. We find a home here, the place where we can spread our roots and grow towards the sun. Where we understand our relationship to each other, everything is life there is no separation. A place where we can be strong in the earth and a voice for the voiceless.”
Your child's teacher spends countless hours caring for your child. Not to mention, 20 other people's children, at the same time! Don't forget them this season, a little gift can say a lot! Holiday FLASH SALE, happening now! 25% off your entire order at www.etsy.com/shop/shadetreenaturals with coupon code FLASHSALE at checkout. Double up with Free shipping on orders of $50 or more! Discount code valid today only!
Nothing like a little weekend getaway with my crazy fam. ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @minakokiss
W BOUGHS OF HOLLY / “when designing our home, we wanted it to have a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, but also wanted a style that was clean and simple with unique touches,” - @houseonprairielane. ✨ #mywestelm feat @erika_barratt ornament styled by @catherinegrace.co
As I flew back to work today, I had pangs of homesickness for all of my loved ones. This job can isolate you beyond belief, but you know what? I am so lucky to have this job. I get to go to my many homes more times then not, I get to see the world that we all live in and I am growing everyday. Whether it's learning to listen, a test in patience, or just learning to keep my God spot filled with God and nothing else, I feel as though these last two years have taught me countless lessons and I wouldn't trade them for anything. ✈️
_____________________________________________ Photographer: @raidenbucharest _____________________________________________ Location: Bucharest, Romania _____________________________________________ ▶ K I N G ◀ State funeral of Mihai (Michael) I, the last King of Romania. 👑 He ruled the country twice, 1927-1930 and 1940-1947 and was ousted by Soviet-backed Communists in 1947. He went into exile, returning after the fall of the Communist regime in the Revolution of December 1989. 👑 Romania is a Republic and a democracy today, but its last King was given the full royal treatment, as a former head of state deserves. 👑 That's his flag-covered coffin carried on a cannon down historic Victory Avenue in downtown Bucharest, Romania, among massive crowds. _____________________________________________ Tag @romaniaascunsa or use #romaniaascunsa to be featured! _____________________________________________ Follow us for new photos! _____________________________________________ * * * * * * * * * * #romania #ig_romania #romaniamagica #visitromania #igersromania #rumania #romaniapitoreasca #beautifulromania #românia #romaniafrumoasa #romaniateiubesc #igromania #roumanie #bucharest #bucuresti #ig_bucharest #igersbucharest #enjoybucharest #bucurestirealist #bucurești #bucharestmyhome #wearebucharest #discoverbucharest #this_is_bucharest #bucurestioptimist #myheartinbucharest #bucharestcityfeelings #bucureşti #mybucharest
🍷🎅🏽 #growpeaceco x #christmas
Literal bowls of coffee for a 5am start 😴
La cosa che ho apprezzato di più di Checkpoint Charlie (troppo finto) e del Mauermuseum (poca roba): una pila di libri nella tromba di una scala.
Donut Worry be Happy 🍩 of course I got you one too!! I mean tis the season for giving right?? How cute are the #warmwishes to/from packaging from @timhortons? I love how easy they make it to brighten someone's day. And don't forget each time you do a good deed use the hashtag #WarmWishes and Tim Hortons will donate a $1 to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation #timfluencer #ad . . . . . . . #thehappynow #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #instagood #petitejoys #canadianblogger #darling #chasinglight #myunicornlife #halifaxblogger #exploremore #maxyourdays #liveauthentic #pursuepretty #musings #theartofslowliving #curatedlife #livethelittlethings #nothingisordinary #mybeautifulmess #tellon #visualcreatives #flashesofdelight
“The spiritual journey is one of constant transformation. In order to grow, you must give up the struggle to remain the same, and learn to embrace change at all times. Real transformation begins when you embrace your problems as agents for growth.” - Michael Singer ✨📚 #cozy #untetheredsoul #fuzzyslippers #relaxation #SNbooktribe #alliswell #transformation #kaizen
A mother's status ❤ Sheikh Bin Baaz (rahimahullah) about his mother: "And I have no doubt that my mother (may God shower His mercy upon her) had a tremendous effect upon me, and has a great excellence over me, in encouraging me to study, and she assisted me in it. May He greatly increase her reward and reward her with the best of rewards for what she did for me. And there is no doubt also, that the house in which there is kindness, gentleness, love and care, with the correct faithful tarbiyah (education and cultivation) will greatly affect the man. So he will become, if God wills, successful in his affairs and in any matter whether it be seeking knowledge, trading, earning a living, etc. So it is God alone that I ask to grant us all success and to guide us all to that which He loves and is pleased with. And may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his Family, his Companions and his followers." Source: Al-Istiqaamah , Issue No.1 – Dhul-Hijjah 1416H / May 1996
Taking skincare to whole new simple level! The Ordinary is a no-frills skincare line from Deciem, where you purchase the simple active ingredients and can build your own skincare routine 👩🏻‍🔬. Will post a Beautylish haul post on the blog soon, and a potential review post a couple months later once I test the products out. So excited to try everything! (By the way, this post is not sponsored by Beautylish or Deciem) . . . . . . #minimalmood #minimalove #minimalism #mindtheminimal #showminimal #minimalexperience #soulminimalist #whitethemeproject #paradiseofminimal #creativeminimalism #unlimitedminimal #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #postitfortheaesthetic #theeverygirl #nothingisordinary #howyouglow #petitejoys #skincarejunkie #selflove #livethelittlethings #chooselovely #seekthesimplicity #theartofslowliving #thatauthenthicfeeling #simpleandstill #choosejoy #socality #blogger #skincare
I think I shared this honey mead poached pear galette before but I’m seriously contemplating making it for Christmas dinner. 🍐 Do you all have your Christmas dinner menu all done? I never do. We always have a good sense of what we’re making for Thanksgiving. But then Christmas rolls around so fast. And usually we travel so we don’t host. 🍐 But this year we’re doing Christmas at home and are making food! I’m only just thinking about what to make. There most likely will be overlapping dished from Thanksgiving but only a few things like turkey (though I’ll probably make it different, maybe a dry rub brine). 🍐 But I’m seriously contemplating this pear galette for dessert. It has homemade almond frangipane inside and it’s fantastic. Do you all have your holiday dinner menu already figured out? Gimme some suggestions! And get this recipe in my cookbook Marbled, Swirled, and Layered or bounce over to my blog or search “eatthelove pear galette” to get the recipe directly. . . . . . #F52Grams #feedfeed #commontable #lifeandthyme #eeeeeats #onmytable #tastemade #yahoofood #huffposttaste #buzzfeast #instafeast #bareaders #onthetable #foodstyling #beautifulcuisines #heresmyfood #theartofslowliving #rslove #eattheworld #eater #foodphotography #tastingtable #wsbakeclub #foodblogfeed #thebakefeed #pear #holidayseason #christmasdinner @thefeedfeed.baking @thefeedfeed @thebakefeed
Not the worst view
Est-ce que la féerie du temps des Fêtes s’est emparée de vous? 🎄🎁 -- Can you feel the holiday magic? 🎁🎄
We are building passionate, honest days, healthy homes, thriving creativity and valuable community. We build this and more when we create space for what we value. ✨ Join us and start creating meaningful spaces with the free training — link in profile.
Love this time of year ✨
クリスマスの準備も順調… 今年のテーマ、レッドクリスマスでデコレーションしてきました。 直後にいらしたアメリカ人のお客様に、伝統的な色合いのクリスマスはいいわぁ!って。 街中のイルミネーションとかはカラフルだったり、ブルーだったり…クリスマスはやはりレッドよね!って。 #flowerlife #flowers #floweroftheday #theartofslowliving #iloveflowers #beautifulflower #floralstyling #フラワースタイリング #花 #花のある生活 #花のある暮らし #クリスマス #flowers #花束 #christmas #クリスマスカラー #クリスマスカラーはレッド
I'm feeling very merry, just saw the NEW Star Wars movie!! Anyone else!? I guess we shouldn't spoil all the things but I liked it! ☄️
🌿Through the years  We all will be together, If the Fates allow Hang a shining star upon the highest bough. And have yourself a merry little Christmas now. 🌿 . This is easily my favourite Christmas carol. I just love the lyrics. It gets me every time. What is your favourite Christmas song? #allaboutRosaLilla
It was magic when he said that he'll love you for the rest of his life. Yet it could be tragic when those words were only lies. Yes, it will be hard to believe in love once again but just trust the power of it and you'll see your heart is beating again for someone and hoping that someone could be true. ❤ #poetry #love #poemislove #tragicandmagic #theartofslowliving #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #pursuepretty #petitejoys #flashesofdelight #littlestoriesofmylife #photosinbetween #livebeautifully #livecreatively #makeithappen #verilymoment #nothingisordinary #createeveryday #createlife #creativehappylife #carpiediem #wanderlust
Had just our families together to celebrate this most amazing boy that will be TWO on Monday. Of course we couldn’t get a picture of the three of us because, two year old boys. 😍😭🤗❤️
She distanced herself to save herself.