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By now you know I run on love & caffeine but let me tell you a little secret... I also run on dry shampoo, lots and lots of dry shampoo! It truly is a Mom staple! I’m currently obsessing over @Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo and how it keeps my hair feeling clean and full of volume. If I’m gonna take the time to make these curls, you bet I’m gonna make them last as long as I can! This mama just doesn’t have the time to wash her hair everyday and thanks to @dove I don’t have too 🙌 you’re the real MVP dry shampoo! #Dovepartner #Refreshobsessed #momhairdontcare
Pretty sunsets are lovely... Although it sucks when they're at 4pm. I am definitely not a fan of the shorter days in the winter.
Ruffles and waves.
[Swipe] You think you want to plan big when all they really want is to hang out with a friend or two that they'd not seen in a while, have some rainbow colors & eat cake. We wanted to do something a little different for 7th rather than just get togethers with friends or just ourselves at home. Not sure if this was our first choice but it turned out to be just a calm evening we needed. The kids enjoyed it and those little pottery paintings (piggy banks) turned out so cute ... so happy we did. Thanks little friends. (I'm aware that the '7 ballon' is turned around)🎨🎂
There is nothing more magical than Central Park in the snow. I knew I wanted my Christmas card photo taken in Central Park, but I didn’t know that I’d be getting a winter wonderland when I went! ❄️ I’m so excited to share my Christmas cards with you once they arrive. They shipped out today and should be here super soon! 🙌🏼 For now, you get to see us braving the snow storm for the perfect Christmas card photo. Also, yes, people thought I was nuts for walking around in the snow in a tulle skirt and stilettos. Gotta stay true to who you are, am I right?! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 📷: @aaronhulbert
And to think that there was a time in my life when I couldn't imagine being a mother and the mere thought of it scared the hell out of me.🙈 Priorities were so different then.. Now I can barely remember life before her and even though it's not all rainbows and butterflies, I wouldn't trade these days for anything in the world. Funny how we never know what life has in store for us and sometimes things turn out so crazy different from how we thought it to be.. But somehow everything always ends up better and you wouldn't change a thing. 💕
Just a quick trip to Sedona and a little bit of magic around every corner 💕✨| December 10, 2017
I like my room bare and my sheets crisp.
It’s GIVEAWAY time! “When you see something beautiful in someone, speak it! -unknown” Alright, how many of you have that one friend that leaves a sweet scent wherever they go? Someone you hang out with & can’t help but feel inspired,encouraged & refreshed. Tag that friend & let them know why you think they’re amazing! Both you & that friend will get one of these handmade cinnamon stick macrame ornaments😘 You can tag until 9pm - Winner will be announced at 10pm XOXO Barefoot in Bells #giveaway #encouragement #CHRISTmas
Thank you for being a friend.. 3rd Christmas party in the books with you 🎄should be 5 but you missed a couple 💕
This year, I went to Hawaii, quit my job and started a new one, moved to NYC, and met a lot of great people along the way. Today I’m celebrating 29 years, and I’ve never felt more alive. Thank you, you beautiful souls. ☀️
Now if this doesn't make your Monday, nothing will!! ;) An outfit fit for a Queen 👑our new @cmeocollective navy bustier with a pant that will leave you the talk of the room*🤭 #cmeocollective meets #westlondonbtq #flamboyant
the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination ✨ - albert einstein • I’ve been trying to surround myself with imaginative people + challenge my own imagination lately. I feel like it’s been on hold for a few years but slowly coming out of its hiding space. • This is a picture of current art that you can find at cafe postal aka the place you can find me 97% of the time ☕️ #coffeeislife
I'm a little bit obsessed with them, their matching haircuts, personalities and eyes. 😏 #icouldgoon 📷 @oliveyouportraits
PSA - You are under no obligation to be the same person you were a year, a month, or even 15 minutes ago. You have the right to grow. No apologies. -unknown . #bewhoyouare #youcanchangeyourlife #dowhatfeelsgoodtoyoursoul
Sometimes it all falls apart because life is moving in the wrong direction and only through radical destruction will we get the message and begin moving in a new direction. Yet if the mind clings to the past and what has been destroyed behind us than we will lack the focus required to move forward and realign ourselves with our current path and purpose. Lately as I feel so much shifting it has been a critical lesson to lean in, trust and focus on the path ahead. Let the fires burn behind you, it's time for a new beginning II Wiz Khalifa "Figure It Out" II #mondaymantra #mondaymotivation #mantra #affirmation #om #mindful #motivationmonday #meditate #mondays #instamotivation #mondaymood #kali #consciousness #dailyaffirmations #spirituality #paradigmshift #lawofattraction #loa #process #thatauthenticfeeling #mindful #loveandlight #knowthyself #positivethoughts #ॐ #darlingmovement #abmhappylife #acceptance #process #shift
Sometimes self care isn't cheesecake, lattes, and a new shirt from Target. {What if I told you that sometimes self care is intentionally passing up these things?} Sometimes self care is the less glamorous, not always fun, but critical steps that lead to our wellness and edification. . Today, I faced my anxiety over accomplishing seemingly easy tasks by finally scheduling myself a chiropractor appointment, a therapeutic cupping appointment, and I made sure I took all my supplements today. 👌🏼⭐️ . What's a less than glamorous act of self care you can do for yourself this week? . . . . . . #selfcare #selfloveclub #seekthesimplicity #simplelife #intentionalliving #intentionalseasons #thebest_capture #motherhoodrising #theeverydayproject #thebloomforum #thelifestylecollective #thatauthenticfeeling #documentyourdays #documentlife #choosehappy #habitatandhome #theartofslowliving #holistichealth #midwestmoment
power suit Monday pt. 2. 💥 http://liketk.it/2tOT5 @liketoknow.it #liketkit
Teamwork makes the dream work #motivationmonday
Wrapping up a whole bunch of @maxandjane sampler packs for the kids teachers’ gifts #luckiestteachersever #skincareluxury
I weathered the snow storm this past weekend by staying home with my books and my new wireless Aurora Home speaker from @thielaudio (lots of Neil Young) 🎶 It’s the perfect gift for an audiophile like myself. Link in bio 👆🏼 What’s on your playlist this holiday season? #ArtOfListening #ad . . . #onthetable #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #mybeautifulmess #livefolk #liveauthentic #livesimple #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #darlingdaily #livethelittlethings #seekthesimplicity #feelfreefeed #thatauthenticfeeling #liveunscripted #makemoments #thehappynow #wearetravelgirls #athomeintheworld #worlderlust #sheisnotlost #dametraveler #mytinyatlas #passionpassport
Little lake amongst giants. Isn't it amazing what you can create with simple lines? Gets me every time.
#keatonjones 💪🏼⭐️🌎 If any of you haven’t seen this kids video on social media today about being bullied for looking different, then check it out. It is heartbreaking to watch and will probably make you cry but i’m positive this little lads bravery is setting the world on fire by encouraging more people to stand up to bullies. Keaton you are an inspiration. A note to the bullies: ‘blowing out someone else’s candle, does not make yours shine any brighter.’ Bullying is never ok. So be kind to people. Always. ☝🏼 #standwithkeaton
The Coffee Cream tea from English Tea Shop was really yummiii. And enjoying it while writing a card to friends and family is something I like a lot. This is relaxing and what I need right now.
When you're with family over the holidays, it's a time for giving and the best gift you can give (or receive) is the chance to understand what makes someone who they are. That’s why @23andMe Ancestry Kit makes the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list! See my full review + special discount today on hotbeautyhealth.com (click link in bio). // #ad #23andMeGifting ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ #livesimple #slowliving #feelfreefeed #thatauthenticfeeling #inspiremyinstagram #abmlifeisbeautiful #alifeofintention #simpleandstill #hygge❤️ #kinfolklife #inspiringsimplicity #slowlivingforlife #lovefromfp #lifestyles #lifestyleguide #simplethingsmadebeautiful #seekinspirecreate #posttheordinary #livebeautifully #tryingsomethingnew #myeverydaymagic #thelifestylecollective #prettylittlethings #aestheticaccount #lifestylegoals #christmastimeishere #holidaymood #holidaygifts
"The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it." -Hubert H. Humphrey . . Well, YES. But if that's already been given, what do you do? Day 2 of 12 ideas for the holidays. We have some beautiful pieces in our Hohonu line, nearly all under 100, most around 49. This elegant necklace is a hand carved pendant in the form of a stingray stinger, and comes on a 30" chain. Bridging classy and edgy wear this as easily with dresses as leather and jeans. Shop Hohonu from the 'Alohi Kai homepage! . . .   #empowerdesign #atlmkt #indiedesign #madeinhawaii #jewelrybythesea #alohikai #jewellery_blog #lovetheocean #slowfashion #aquietstyle #thatauthenticfeeling #oceanlover #uniquejewelry #oceanlove #jewelrylover #inspiredbynature #liveunscripted #oceantherapy #ohwowyes #buyhandmade #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness #stingraystinger
Well hello there, beautiful
“The figure of the flâneur —the stroller, the passionate wanderer emblematic of nineteenth-century French literary culture—has always been essentially timeless; he removes himself from the world while standing astride its heart.” - the Paris review
I am a messy soul. Unapologetically. I bite my nails. I like being covered in paint. I can be a hypocrite. I am ok with holding ideas in tension. I’m allowing myself to change my mind. I’m trying to practice gratitude in the wake of realizing I haven’t been very grateful. I am still learning too. • Tomorrow I’ll be posting an article on @medium about how changing your Instagram feed can change your life. I’ve been trying to be sober since 2015. I’m not claiming alcoholism, I’m not claiming addiction. I just struggle knowing that all of the side effects of alcohol hold me back from reaching my highest potential. • But all my attempts at sobriety have failed. I removed myself from my environment and routines that supported drinking when I left for Costa Rica and yet I’ve still struggled. So I got to thinking: if we are the people that we surround ourselves with, I argue that we are also a sum of our social media feeds. • So I, the lover of cocktail culture, wine tasting notes and Imbibe Magazine, unfollowed all Instagram accounts that share photos of booze or drinking. And I followed a shitton. People either give energy to your highest self or they deplete you, the same applies to social media. • I’m attempting 30 days of sobriety by doing something new this time: changing my digital environment AND my physical environment to support my sobriety. I’m following sobriety accounts like @hipsobriety, I’m telling everyone so I can be held accountable. Im 4 days in. Interested in reading more about how your social media environment affects your success at changing your life? Stay tuned for my article tomorrow. • Thanks @honey1badger for inspiring me to #slayit
Magnificent Van Cleef & Arpels Cosmos cocktail ring with heart-shaped pavé petals and 3.25 carats of round brilliant diamonds. Size 7. Original box and papers. Call for a showing.
We each have to be brave in our own ways. The painting of your life is a masterpiece that will never be replicated, and there’s a brave brush to use in this painting that will change everything for God’s glory and for your good. ~Annie F. Downs
Rare footage of the Christmas dog in good behavior 😅🙏🏻💕
Last night I sat down face to face (thanks technology) with another coach and we talked about our goals and our dreams, where we are at now and where we want to be at by next summer. We talked about our desire to quit the 9-5 life, to quit working for other people’s schedules, and what it would look like to work from home and have time freedom to write our own schedules. — This morning, I listened to a podcast and this woman I look up to immensely talked about how we are the author of our own lives. We get to hold the pen, not anyone else. We get to write, design, and illustrate our own lives. — I know exactly what I want less of and what I want more of. I know I want to put in the effort and the sweat and the time to make my dreams and my goals a reality, instead of a life I just daydream about. — I am taking control of that pen and authoring my own life, because no one gets to do that but me. Just like in your life, no one gets to wield the pen except you. So go after your dreams and your goals, write them down and start taking action, and make the daydream a reality!
A beautiful reminder message from @sajewellness as we approach Christmas. In a season of giving, don't forget to give thanks for all you have, and all who made it happen. . . Each year, my family sends a Christmas letter (now email) with an update, photos and good wishes to people around the world. Family, friends, relatives and those people who have touched our lives over the years. This tradition is now expected and enjoyed by many, and even once a year allows a short check in and connection with them. #choosegratitude
Mark your calendar and beat the clock to Christmas this Saturday at Momni! Enjoy treats, champagne, gifts, and especially big sales at the shop from 10-6 ✨✨
Wrap your gifts with one of our sustainable drawstring linen bags. Perfect for the holidays and beyond.
Well it was worth the wait & days of crossed fingers! Just half an hour of watching Little M enjoy her first “play out” in the snow was enough to fill my heart with happiness to last for weeks and my mind with enough snow-memories to last a lifetime. I hope I forever remember her squeals of happy laughter as she took her first ride on a sledge! ♥️ #ohlittlem#searchwandercollect #kindredmemories #wholeheartedjournal #our_everyday_moments #thesincerestoryteller #happinessnow #cornersofmyworld #momentsofmine #magicofchildhood #flashesofdelight #ofsimplethings #oureverydaymoments #lifecolorfully #verilymoment #thatauthenticfeeling #persuitofjoyproject #inbeautyandchaos #petitejoys #livebeautifully #myeverydaymagic #dreamydecember #homesofinstagram #mamablogger #snowscape #snowscoming #ourwhimsicaldays #happysnowday
🎄 & Our dog❤︎ . . . . . 怒涛のような一週間が過ぎ。 気分的には、どうでもいいやで。笑。 . クリスマスツリー、 今年は小さ目2.7m。枝ぶりのよい綺麗な木です。 シルバー、ゴールド、グリーンのオーナメント。 . ブルーベリーが日向に陣取り、 どかないので、犬も入れての写真。 . 大変忙しく、精神的にも山あり谷あり。 なかなか皆さんのとこに行けず、ごめんなさい。 いいね!いつもありがとうございます。 . . . #mydomaine #modernfarmhouse #finditstyleit #interior123 #labradorretriever #theartofslowliving #dslooking #dogstagram #instadog #christmas #tv_simplicity #christmasdecor #interior4all #日々の暮らし #feelfreefeed #thatauthenticfeeling #写真が好きな人と繋がりたい #インテリア #シンプルライフ #お家 #おうち #クリスマス #クリスマスツリー #seekthesimplicity #暮らしを楽しむ #犬のいる生活 #ラブラドール #ライフスタイル #リビング #くらし
Have you ever avoided certain social situations because you didn’t like the way you looked/felt or you were worried that there wasn’t going to be food for you to eat? I have. It sucked. I lived that way for so long, suffered in silence with all these thoughts that I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough or small enough. I attached a vegan label to my identity for many reasons, one was merely for protection. Protection from eating foods I deemed as “bad” and it gave me an excuse to avoid them without anyone knowing that I was actually dealing with disordered thoughts about food, diet and exercise. . I’ve seen so many social media posts about how we need to watch what we eat over the holidays and I know that as soon as January comes, it will change to detoxing, cleansing and fad diets. So what if we changed all that and instead learned to change how we look and feel about ourselves. I know this opinion isn’t as popular or exciting as a new diet type program but I don’t really care 🤷🏻‍♀️. Let's start the new year off by learning just how to show ourselves love, compassion and respect. Let's change the narrative in our heads that were not good enough, beautiful enough or thin enough. If you are local to the Toronto area, join @nidnatnutrition and myself in January for three powerful workshops all about mindful and intuitive eating and living. If you wanna check it out, head to bit.ly/HungerWorkshop to read more and register before December 15 to get access to the early bird offer. 📸 @creatinglight.studio
❤️💗CLOSING IN FIVE MORE DAYS. Only a few more days to sign up for this incredible online community, facilitated by me. -One year. -12 life giving discussion themes. -25 live video talks with me and a group of incredible women. -12 workbooks with resources, prompts and tools. -One powerfully connected community of women. -Bonus surprises to inspire and create change. Um, valuable bonus surprises (wink) -Massive amounts of courage and BADASS change. -For Women, by women. Badass women, united in conversation and community to create BOLD change. Are you joining me? With love and wisdom from Brooklyn. xx
Tag someone you'd love to see this view with! 👇🏻😍 (Photo by @wanderingtanja) #chasingwonderment
Decorating the tree has been in multiple stages this year, but I’m not complaining. (Note the Star of David tree topper for my wannabe Jew(ish) roots? Haha ❤️)
hbd kristján shawn 🎈you continue to amaze me with your strength, love and persistence. i look forward to being by your side for your next trip around the ☀️ . cheers to 365 more days of loving you.