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On Fridays, we build bums! 🍑🍑🍑🍑
That moment when your mug describes your life and the feelings in your soul💙💙💙 ( @striveandshineyyc - you would appreciate this 😂) wishing you a beautiful, healthy & easy Friday! Love you all.
Confidence improves & becomes real with the practice of self love. Keep working on yourself, never give up - you are capable of so much more than you think. 💫
Everyday is a good day when you're working towards your goals ... Super proud of @improving__perfection To join us simply click take the "Free Nutrition Assessment" ➡➡ https://goo.gl/forms/O9HtbtUerVXngTXU2 Like 👍🏾 ... Comment 📝 ... Share 🔃 #MsNYfit #iWantiBelieveiGet #iAmTheAnswer #Health #transformation #fit #fitness #ebonyfitness #ebonyfitfreaks #blackfitness #blackfitnessnow #blackfitnesswomen #blackfitnesstoday #blackwomenlosingweight #blackwomendoworkout #fitspo #fitspiration #fitmotivation #fullbodytransformation #tfitnation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #gains #gainz #legday #booty #fitnesscoach #exercise #workout
Feeling mighty fine this Thursday 💁🏼 hope everyone has a great, productive day!! On another note I really need to find a good selfie pose!🤗 . . . . . . #nsv #onaroll #onamission #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #fitfam #fitlife #lifestyle #igfitness #igfitfam #weightlosstransformation #transformationtuesday #thickfit #tfitnation #focused #goals #embraceyourcurves #houstonfitness #motivation #feelingmyself #selfie #hipsdontlie #hourglass
A lot of us struggle with self-love. We struggle to accept our bodies for the stage they are in now, and we struggle to nurture them with positivity as we work to transform them🌻. We forget to transform our mind as we try to transform our bodies. We get stuck in a place of hate and negative cycles of "not good enough" & "not fast enough." We struggle to show up for ourselves and give our 100% every day because we are not convinced that we are WORTH IT✨. • THESE are some of the reasons I have decided to make my next DietBet all about SELF-LOVE❤️. I'm going to focus on spreading positivity and helping you grow mentally as you work on crushing your goals. I want to help you get to a good place, so you can continue once the game is done. If you're someone who could benefit from a little more positivity and would like to look at weight loss from a different perspective, please consider joining my next game. • Lose weight, gain perspective, work on positivity, meet like-minded people, change your outlook & win money in the process! My games are VERY interactive😊. • STARTS IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!🔔 It runs November 1-28, right before the holiday season. *Bet $30 that you can lose 4% of your body WEIGHT (not fat) in 4 weeks. *Then over the 28 days, you work your BUM OFF to crush your goals. * If you reach your goal, you split the ENTIRE POT with all the other winners💸. *It is open WORLDWIDE🌎 • LINK TO JOIN IS IN MY BIO 🖤
Good morning! Happy Thursday 💙
got these surgical scrubs one day at work 1.5 years ago after I got blood all over my own scrubs and well dayum! these were an XL and I thought I could just wear them as pjs now but they are SO big.. they used to be so uncomfortable for me to just SIT in.. (surgical scrubs have zero stretch btw)
You get what you work for NOT what you wish for 👊🏼 can’t believe over a year ago I weighed over 200lbs.
Young Tuna over here 🙋🏻😂
It’s leg day! 🏋🏻‍♀️
This ADORABLE PHOTO OF LITTLE ME serves a purpose (other than entertaining you). •• I have been hearing something a lot lately that I haven't really been asked up until now on my journey, and I really wanted to address it. "Don't you wish your parents raised you differently?" "Did your parents just let you eat whatever you wanted, they didn't monitor your eating at all?" •• I share this picture to show you that I was always "average" sized growing up. I was not a large baby, toddler or child. OF COURSE, my parents watched what I was eating - it was not a free for all for me growing up. I was not born or fully raised in Canada, so the adjustment in diet and nutrition, once we moved here, was something my parents had to get used to as well. I was fed well, my snacks and meals were always monitored! •• I started gaining weight as a pre-teen and onwards; when I was old enough to sneak food, sneak out for lunch, throw out the healthy meals my mom would send and ultimately make my own food decisions. From there, I developed a dependency and an unhealthy relationship with food ON MY OWN, as an adult. •• I used to say I was going to "study" and I would actually go out to Burger King, order a couple meals in the drive through, eat them in my car and then throw out the evidence and go home. I used to order a large pizza when no one was home, eat it to my face and throw out the box so no one would know. •• Food addiction is a real thing, and I think a lot of people are quick to assume that unhealthy relationships with food are all parents' faults. Might be the case for some, but I thought I would address that this isn't the case for me at all - since I was getting lots of these questions! •• I wouldn't change anything about the way I was raised. My parents did the best they could within their circumstances and they really had little to do with my obesity/ the weight I let MYSELF get to. I can only hold myself responsible. So much love for them, beyond words. ❤️
When you’re literally popping tags!🙌🏼 As in, price tags bc you’re now able to fit in something as simple as pajamas! 😬😬😬 . . . . . . #pjs #bedtime #nsv #onaroll #onamission #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #fitfam #fitlife #lifestyle #igfitness #igfitfam #weightlosstransformation #transformationtuesday #thickfit #tfitnation #focused #goals #embraceyourcurves #houstonfitness #motivation