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Linux Foundation aims to solve IoT interoperability with EdgeX Foundry project #linux #iot #edgex #phenomenal #techies #phenomtechie Source: https://www.iottechnews.com/news/2017/apr/25/linux-foundation-aims-solve-iot-interoperability-edgex-foundry-project/
It's Monday...It's 'Go-time'! Whether you're in paid employment or an entrepreneur, your average working day consists of meetings, calls, mails, files, sick colleagues that need you to fill in for them and the lunch you didn't even remember to have. In the midst of these, it is easy to forget how to...PAUSE, BREATHE and FOCUS. Our tips for you this week? Block out the external noise, be fully present at every point in time, recognize when your attention starts to wander from the task at hand and focus on breathing. Super humans are not the greatest multi-taskers around. They are those folks who take one task and see it to it's excellent completion...basically by not shifting focus until they hit gold and reach their desired end. Go Techies!!! It's #MotivationMonday!