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Team member @jared_kirchner97 broke his Thanksgiving hunting curse by shooting this big doe about 9:15 this morning! 11/23/17 Stay safe today if yall are out have a great thankgiving! . . . . . . #hunting #nyhunts #nydeer #whitetail #bigdoedown #deerdown #teamrebel #rebeloutdoorswny
😘 Thankful for this guy right here. Not many men will stand up to me, and I appreciate that he does. I also am thankful that he stands next to me while I figure out what I want to do in this crazy world. I appreciate the independence I am given to be myself and still have someone cheering for me the whole way. I know we both get crazy, and I know life gets hard, really hard sometimes, but I love that I have you by my side to battle through it. I am thankful that you have been more patient than anyone else in my journey on #thespectrum and taking the time to understand why I am the way I am. Ain't no team better 👽💚😘😘😘 #teamariesandaquarius #teamrebel #myrugger #hesmychamp #teamwork #baybae