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Part 2🕊🔥 Had to body drakes verse on this real quick💯🌚Listen to the lyrics👂🏾if you ain't dancin to the lyrics you doin it wrong🙇🏾‼️ | 📽: @dame_1241 (Tag A Friend👥)
lFinishing my sat day back day with these bad boys 🏋no idea what to call them... Such an insane new move added to my arsenal of back movements. Back day as follows : -Lat pulldown (reverse grip)  4 sets / 15 reps  Seated Rows (low pull, heavy)  4 sets / 8-12 reps (forced if you have a partner)  Lat pull through, superset with  Rope pulls  4 sets / 15+ reps (strong squeeze at the top) Dropset bent over rows  30kg, 20kg and 16kg  Reps 6, 10 and 15 3 sets (back to back)  Lat rows (the videos excercise 😂) 4 sets  15 reps (nice and controlled) Obviously I like to change things up throughout my training schedule, If you have any questions feel free to ask about anything ✌ Blessed day everybody 🏋👊 #workout #workoutplan #fitness #exercises #backday #gym #fit #tbh