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4:20 time to get fucking lit w her😍😘🙈
#Repost @rollinsmlax with @repostapp ・・・ Huge congratulations to all the #Tars that made the @d2ssc team. We have a young team with a bright future. A lot of hard work in front of us to get to where we want to be. #theprocessisthegoal #TARnation #Rollins
"What in tarnation..." A little story behind this picture, I hadn't drank a pop in over a year and decided to grab one in a local store while shopping in Nashville. I walked into this boot store, drawn in by the smell of leather- a reminder of my leather crafting days in LA. I went to grab for the bottle in my bag, paying no attention to the aggressive bubbles fizzing at the top. With the slightest turn of the cap, it exploded on me in the middle of a hundred leather boots and the floor. Luckily, nothing was damaged and the spill was quickly cleaned up but I was left sticky for the majority of that hot November day. Safe to say I went back to drinking water again shortly after.
TARS WIN! They defeat FIT, 8-2 to even the series at 1-1! #TARnation
Wot in tarnation 🐕 #tarnhut #cold #tarnation
Rollins drops game one of the series to FIT, 5-1. They will play again tomorrow at 3 p.m. #TARnation
micheal jackson, founder of apple the goat for this one😤😩👏🏽
Rollins women take sixth at the @d2ssc tourney #tarnation
Tars men finish 7th at the @d2ssc championship. #tarnation
Summer recruiting is right around the corner! Where will we see you play? #FutureTars #FindYourAnchor #TARnation #Rollins #Tars
Coach Garner gets Lexie Toth ready to tee it up in the final round of the @d2ssc championship #TARnation
Rollins rowing beating the sunrise for practice Tuesday #TARnation
How come I'm the one who turned out blurry when he's the #wiggleworm?? Anyway, who cares?! We just walked our happy asses all over #tarnation and it feels good to have broken a sweat. Oh yeah. By "we walked" I really mean I pushed this #cutiepatootie around in his #bumblebeestroller. 🐛😅👣👶🐝🌳☔🌫👊🍼😴🙅
Slice and dice -S
Defending champion Tars get to within striking distance heading into Tuesday's final round of the @d2ssc championship #TARnation
Tars make a move on day 2 of the @d2ssc championship- final round coming Tuesday #TARnation
[THIS IS FOR #GOREUMEGA] ✧ name: Mingeronge [mega] [evolves with mingeronite] ht: 5"11 wt: 4,200 lbs type: psychic ability: crystal wall/geometry[HA] stats: hp: 100 atk: 63 def: 101 spa: 145 spd: 131 spe: 50 info: mega evolution has increased its processing to a level that dwarves government supercomputers. it can calculate the perfect strategy to win, but often gets stressed as it cannot communicate this to its trainer. the laws of physics go wonky within its cube borders. projectiles often take longer to go through the frame, or are teleported somewhere else. ✧ #fakemon #agelsart #goreumega #tarnation #heck #cringe