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just two art lovers reminiscing on our most memorable art experience 🇫🇷 #takeusback
Y'all don't know how lucky I am to have a brother let alone a twin brother. I will always have your back regardless of what you want to do or where you want to go in life. P.S. Ladies my twin brother is a bachelor!! #birthday #Nesbittbrothers #twins #tahoe #southlaketahoe #takeusback
Un amore grande tanto quanto il mare💘🌊 #takeusback
Jax reminded me this morning that it's been one month since our Disney World vacation. He's constantly talking about saving money so he can go again next year. I'm not sure Disney World will work out, but if everything pans out for us we won't be living too far from Disneyland Paris next summer!
@Regrann from @jabnival - Oh we crushing on everyone today #jabnivalmolassie #takeusback - #regrann