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This is so true.. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough, like doing my part isn't really doing anything. The difference between being a decent human being and making conscious choices to be a BETTER human being every day for the sake of this world are huge in my opinion. I might be wrong but decent humans do the minimum. They're polite and don't litter and do favors for others (which is awesome! I'm not bashing anyone whatsoever).. and I don't have many followers but I consider you all my friends and at the very least aquaintances and if you're reading this I challenge you to do more than the bare minimum in making this world a better place. Please research how to make your home #eco friendly. Research how to help hurricane and earthquake victims. Research #daca and #blacklivesmatter. Research #vegetarianism and #veganism and how just ONE veggie day A WEEK can prevent so much cruelty, deforestation, pollution (the list goes on and on).. Research who you're voting for and #vote for people who want to make your life/community/city/state/country/world a better and more peaceful place for #everyone (and I mean everyone.). Research where most of your #clothes actually come from and research #minimalism. And I challenge myself to be better too, because I feel so deeply and I know in my heart I'm not doing enough. Sorry for my rant. β™₯ #love #humanity #peace #doyourpart #volunteer #takeaction #nurturenature #doyourresearch #theproductsyouuse #thethoughtsyouhave #howyoutreatothers #howyoutrearyourself #howyoutreatnature
Everybody is taking a "KNEE" but how many are praying for change?! While taking a "KNEE". Taking a "knee" alone won't bring real change. #BeEffective #Pray #WhileTakingAKnee #MyThoughts #TakeAKnee #Pray #TakeAction #DoBoth
A wise man tells a story to a strange & mysterious figure. A tale of extravagance, hunger & war. Within is revealed details of people losing themselves in trivial things & distractions, eventually being caught up in lust for violence, all lead to the bloodshed of others. For the passer's by & eavesdroppers a valuable lesson is expounded. "These violent delights have violent ends." . At the end of the tale, the enigmatic figure arises. For whoever or whatever it is, it knows that its time has come. It must act now, for this is the perfect moment & while each action has a ripple; it aims not to create small waves, but rather a tsunami of change. In its minds it hears the tale & words whispered; "Children are dying." Nodding, it responds; "That's a succinct summary of humankind, I'd say. Who needs tomes & volumes of history? Children are dying. The injustices of the world hide in those three words." So saying, it breathes deeply & rises. Above story by me 😏. Last quote is taken from Deadhouse Gates(2nd novel in the Malazan Books by Steven Erikson)~is at the ending of the vid, but seems to not show fully so I decided to include it in a short story (above). Like, Share (FB users) & comment below. Peace & infinite blessings ~Fable Soham OM
Feed your body, but most importantly your mind! If you want to do better, you got to become better. Learning from @brendonburchard latest book #highperformancehabits #entrepreneurmindset #bebold #takeaction #livenow #mindfullness #intentionalliving #foodforthought
Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. #Repost @moorsuccess Follow Me πŸ‘‡πŸΎ @curtismartin247 . . #mindset #vision #passion #goals #nfl #boycottnfl #entrepreneur #communityfirst #family #growth #weallwegot #takeaction #itstime
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It’s Saturday and that means #SplitsSaturday | #SaturdaySplits with @yogamom.journey β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” I did a splits for beginners vid this morning with @actionjacquelyn so tagging her #getstretchy #takeaction @getstretchy β€”οΏ½β€”οΏ½β€”οΏ½β€”οΏ½β€”οΏ½- Also if you want to get in my weekly splits collage use this hashtag #SteveSplitsBy60 and tag me. You’ll be helping me and others stay motivated on the way to splits too. Love you guys who have tagged me so far.
@take3forthesea is an awesome initiative that you and I can all take part in. It's simple: take away 3 pieces of litter with you when you leave the beach and you've created change πŸ‘ This was taken after a wonderful surf sesh in Canggu, Bali. Let's keep it clean folks! πŸ– #take3forthesea #beachcleanup #oceanconservation #plasticfree #saynotosingleuseplastic #saynotosingleuse #stoppollution #saveourearth #saveourworld #saveouroceans #saveourseas #saveourbeach #savemarinelife #educationiskey #takeaction #earthawareness #environmentalawareness #pelanbali #ilovebali #canggulife #bali #canggu #badung #indonesia #nathaniaflies
Bisnis kita Simple.. Tidak se-Ekstrem pekerjaan bapak2 yg Luar Biasa ini.. hingga harus bertaruh Nyawa utk mencari Nafkah... Hanya Menabung.. Skali lage hanya MENABUUNG... sambil mengajak orang lain juga ikut NABUNG.. Nabungnya juga ke Rekeningnya masing2 bukan ke Rekening orang lain.. ada Peluang Income/Penghasilan tiap bulan juga di dalamnya.. Salam Perubahan #MenabungCerdas #3iNetworks #TakeAction
Sometimes you just need Chipotle. I was running errands and didn’t have any food prepped so I opted for a salad from Chipotle. I have lots of lettuce, 1/2 spoonful of black beans, steak, roasted veggies, pico de Gallo, corn and a little bit of cheese and no dressing. Life happens a an when that does I do the best I can. The key is moderation. What is your go to meal when you have no time?