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"I often wonder Why the catnip is hanging Out of reach from paws" Ollie, don't worry. Once the catnip is sprawling out of the baskets you can always take a pinch. Patience kitty! Happy Friday furriends! From Ollie Bear ❤️❤️🌿🌿 #catsofinstagram #catphotooftheday #catio #summer #catnip #catvine #actinidiakolomikta #chirpycats #olliethecat #catenrichment #catlover #ilovecats #catperch #cathaiku #haiku #catsagram #tabbycat #rescuecat #handsomecat
Daughter is trying to make a model with dinosaurs. Funny looking dinosaur! #cat #cats #tabby #tabbycat
When you discover the cat has zero appreciation for the hygiene of your dishcloth ...
This cat. He is forever laying on unmade beds while sheets are washed and diving under covers "helping" make them up when sheets are clean. It's his house and apparently we just live here🤣 ⠀ #catsofinstagram #tabbycat #hestheboss
Bluebell likes to follow mummy everywhere even when she's in the bathroom. Yesterday she followed mummy into guest bedroom when mummy went in for just 1 minute. And she got herself locked in for few hours. We didn't know until meal time. I waited her for a hour. Daddy went everywhere looking for her. She was fast sleeping in the guest bed. Today we would like share some interesting facts about cat and these informations also explained why Bluebell chose to live with us. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 1. If a cat can't get on with another cat in the house, they will hate each for the rest of the life. There is no training can be done. 2. Cats are not social animals and they need their own space in the house. They avoid each other 1-3m minimum. So work out your home space before consider adoptions. 3. Cats are out door animals. But road traffic accident is the biggest killer for cat. They are also serial killers for wildlife. Owners need balance their outdoor activities. 4. Some times cats don't use their litter tray for simple reasons: tray is too small; substrate changed; tray is not clean; other cat is sharing it. 5. Cat doesn't like eat and drink at same spot. Water bowl is better 50cm away from food bowl. 6. Cat only like short time rub. If you like to pat cat longer, please wait them come to you. 7. Cat can't taste sweetness but very sensitive to bitter. They like to change their food to different flavours often. However once they tried expansive food they won't go back to the cheaper ones. Alright, I think that's enough cat today. Until next time, have a wonderful weekend all pawsome furiends. 😘😘😘 #cat #instacat #catbehavior #catbehaviour #catsofinstagram #tabbycat #ukcats #instatabby