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Wawiii! Just spent the weekend in London 🇬🇧I guess it's all about who you spend time together with in a city - but yes - you fall in love way too easy over here ❤️
Sweet island life 🏝
Saving this in my memory for the darker months to come
Good morning people ! 🇸🇪 Yesterday after my day trip in #Lund 🌷🐥 (thanks to #Interrail 😊) I took the train and went higher up on the west coast !🎵🌅 This is how I ended up in front of this #magical #landscape ! 🌍🌊 I feel #happy to be there, but it is funny because I already miss the feeling of being in an unknow place 🙄 I will leave on Wednesday 🌍 Enjoy your day and happy week to all of you ! 😚🌿🐦 xx #ScandinavianWanderlust
Kallsupar och vass💧 #swedishsummer #landscapephotography