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@lenapapadopoulos: "Something inside of me has recently felt cold, hard, unloving, unloveable. A new energy has been stirring, triggering impatience and annoyance, leading me to fall into negative behaviors and thought patterns of my past. . I sometimes feel like a hypocrite - advocating for self-love when I often don’t feel or practice it myself. I try, but I often fail, as we all do. I think that's part of being human. We live with a set of scripts and records the world has given us, ones which have told us that we are not enough. Rewriting history is not an easy process, or a painless one. . This is the very reason I've spent much of my life avoiding commitment to people, places, and circumstances. It’s one reason I became drawn to living a nomadic life. Commitment and stability eventually require depth. People start to get close, too close for comfort. They eventually come to see the real you, the full you. Intimacy with others often reveals to us the ugliest parts of ourselves; this is why so many of us run from it. I, like many, tried to maintain a false sense of safety by avoiding long-term relationships, and by moving often - starting over, creating a new life and a new self in a new place with new people. . But now, here I am, in a long-term, committed relationship with someone who is now moving from place to place with me, constantly by my side, knowing all of me, including the parts I wish to keep hidden. I can no longer run. There is nowhere to run to when you’re running from yourself." #thevulnerabilitychallenge
Teach us to know Your will. May us trust in our Lord and know that He is GOOD. #surrender #patience #endurance #love #hope #faith #Jesus #holyspirit #graceiscoming #neverforsake #rejoiceagain #Christ #bible #bibleverse
Lately my mind wanders. I struggle to find motivation, but I push forward. I know that when bad things happen that is just bad energy clearing away for the good. So I look forward to the things to come and try to calm my mind and stay focused! 🙏🏻💜
Rest and see.
The teachings presented by Shree Krishna are perfect for our eternal welfare. However, our material intellect has innumerable imperfections, and so we are not always able to comprehend the sublimity of his teachings or appreciate their benefits. If we could, what would be the difference between us tiny souls and the Supreme Divine Personality? Thus, faith becomes a necessary ingredient for accepting the divine teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Wherever our intellect is unable to comprehend, rather than finding fault with the teachings, we must submit our intellect, “Shree Krishna has said it. There must be veracity in it, which I cannot understand at present. Let me accept it for now and engage in spiritual sādhanā. I will be able to comprehend it in future, when I progress in spirituality through sādhanā.” This attitude is called śhraddhā, or faith. #shreekrishna #Bhagavadgita #divineteachings #surrender #Intellect #spiritualsadhana #Sadhana #Spiriuality #God #LoveGod #faith #instaspirituality #Radhakrishna #Radharani
There was a time I would pray with my eyes open to not get noticed when I was giving thanks for my meal. Those days are over. I don't do it for them. I do it for God. #notashamed #prayforeverything #weneedtopray #staythecourse #Godislove #Godfirst #Godisgood #surrender #givethanks
Let go and let live via @bendebyron #yoga #namaste #love #life #surrender
* Monday Card Reading * “ Reassurance Of The Golden Light.” We all have our moments of doubt & hesitation, wondering if a certain path is for us, what the ‘right’ decision & choice may be, if our partner is truly the one, to take a leap of faith or to keep comfort in the security of what we already know... This beautiful card comes to us with grace to trust in the moment holding the highest expectations of a perfectly ordered outcome. To reassure us that even the most troubling of matters too serve their purpose, that the path may not always be clear yet it is in the balance of seeking & surrendering that we allow the universe to speak to us & our intuition to guide us. To remind us we can ask for help, that we are supported, that we may call upon our angels, ancestors & guides to guide us or upon our earthly friends for courage, companionship, comfort & love. Everything is working out perfectly. Have trust & faith in all matters & hold in your heart a deep knowing, we are held in the space of love & in light, always. 💜🙏🏼✨ Have a beautiful week 💕 #monday #cards #reading #love #faith #surrender #hope #trust #guidance #intuition #believe #thebeliefproject