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Our world is full of subjective facts and half truths these days. Anti-intellectualism and cognitive dissonance have begun to spread far and wide as the truth of how our world truly functions slowly emerges. As this happens we must learn to, and actively make an effort to, constructively criticize ourselves and our surroundings. Whether it is your own health, work habits or even what you do to help those around you; always seek to do these things better and with an awareness of how and why you're trying to progress. As cliche as it always is to hear, change begins with you, and your actions are what define you. Let us understand ourselves and our lives more clearly to pave the way to a more positive reality. If this post interests you, or you would like to discuss further, contact me through my email or DM me! Have a great weekend everyone!
' The stingiest benefactor and friendliest villain, a buck for the corporate kindness he's killin.
Anyone else having issues with #Instagram? My feed refuses to refresh no matter what I try... so I made this for fun with #decim8 & #photoforge2