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That R6 ass 😍 dope or nope? 🏍: #yamaha #r6 . Tag the owner . --------------------------------------------------- follow me 👉 @two_wheels_1_life 👈 for daily bikes 🔥 posts. ________________________________
Ride to the sand dunes... such a pleasant weather this morning ❤️
Wait for the surprise 🏍💨. Supra vs H2 vs r1m vs zx14r . Tag a friend ! --------------------------------------------------- follow me 👉 @two_wheels_1_life 👈 for daily bikes 🔥 posts. ________________________________
WEEEEEEKEND!!! tonight we get some guests at our home. some fickschnitzels from Deutschland, some friends from Eindhoven and a dude from a small unknown village next to it❤❤
Look at this Austrian beauty with great skills on her r1! @_._a_n_i_k_a_._
사진득템 나도 모르는 사이 도촬당했다 #운문 #바이크스타그램 #바이크투어 #yamaha #r1 #femalerider #superbikes2017 #좋으다
Weekend is here 😃