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워낙 선탠이 잘받는 체질이라 여름이되면 까매져서 혼혈이냐고 많이 물어보시는데,(주로 태국이나 일본) 올 여름은 선크림 좀 발라야겠다. Sun is getting stronger and hotter everyday, time to cover my face with sunblock. I hope this cream works well. #선탠 #태닝 #tanning #suntan #선크림 #선블락 #루트리 #rootree #혼혈
When a Rodan + Fields Consultant goes to the #dermatologist... . Read this hilarious and awesome story from another Rodan + Fields consultant who went to the dermatologist for a check up - you’ll never believe what her doctor said... "The Dr. comes in immediately & gives me that “You need to use SPF & stay out of the sun look.” He gave me a huge lecture on SPF & how bad the rays are etc. I finally cut him off & said, “Actually Dr.... I use SPF when I run & the only reason I am this tan is from a product I swear by. I use it once a week without the use of the harmful UVA AND UVB rays.” He chuckled & said he’s heard all of this before... Until I literally had a bottle in my purse I had in there to sell someone at work--So I grabbed it out. Needless to say, he read the back & ended up giving me his card so his wife could purchase some 🙂 . Yes folks. You read that correctly. A Dermatologist who has been in the field for over 15+ years just asked if he could purchase some for his wife. He stopped lecturing me on my tan, told me to keep up the healthy skin routine & have a great day." . #jointheleader #spf #sunlesstan #healthyskin
התחדשנו בקרמים מהטובים ביותר 👍🏽 #suntan #tan #tanning #sunnyseven