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Racing the Kenyans take 2! Didn’t come last this time... must be getting fitter finally 🤞
by @gkwhiting | Get your photos posted in our account, apply for a feature visiting worlderunners.com 👉🏼the link is in our bio: @worlderunners. #worlderunners | “We’re going STREAKING!!!”~Will Ferrell, Old School” | Follow her for more.
53 days till the ballot opens for the #newyorkcitymarathon Who wouldn't want to do this??!!! #nycmarathon #runninggirl @gemmaanimallover @garrandarragh @beckimcdermott_
Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 Wasn’t able to participate in my annual Turkey Trot with my friends this year (having major #fomo feelings) but I at least got in the 5K in my neighborhood! And I did my good deed of the day by picking up some blown away trash in neighbors yards. #lovethyneighbor Now..... off to my parents to eat “mass quantities of food” as my dad likes to say. 🍽🍗🥧 ........ #45milesNovember Goal: 30.53mi down; 14.47mi to go!! ........
#throwbackthursday can you spot me at @lovefitfestival @optimumnutrition_uk can't wait to go to it again next year !! 👌👌 @tomthormanfitness 💪💪💪
Dear Members and Sioux Falls community, we are so thankful for you! Thank you for giving us a place to open our doors and thank you for being part of our b3 tribe. 🍊👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We love you! 💕Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
Two people in turkey costumes passed me, so I actually did end up chasing turkeys. | #columbiaturkeychase . . . #turkeychase #turkeytrot #sundayrunday #teamnuun #nuunlife #runmd #runhoco #runnerscommunity
Throwback to the physique I achieved at age 19 naturally.
The average person eats between 3000-4500 calories today. With that being said these ladies have some work to do to get ahead of that 1st plate.