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♧Liv Morgan w/ Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella♤ - - - Liv would start off the match by pushing Nikki to the ground and punches her multiple times, Brie would pull Nikki out of the ring to pull her out Liv would run to the ropes and go for the suicide dive! but Nikki would give her the forearm to the face Nikki would yell "YOUR WORTHLESS YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" Nikki would grab her for rack attack but Liv wiggled out of it and slaps her in the face they both would do the same thing but Liv would then give her the roundhouse kick going for the pin but Nikki would Kick out Alexa would go on the mat but brie pulls her off distracting Liv Nikki would pin her from behind going for the 3 count and get the victory! - - - highlights:Nikki kicking out of the Reverse Roundhouse kick
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