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Wood Street hustle | Pittsburgh
In a tunnel there is only one way to go. There is no way of turning back. Think of life as a tunnel. All actions flow continuously down one straight path. This is simply the way life is. By the time you have made the will to act, the act itself cannot be undone. You may return to it one day again to possibly correct it in the way you think is right, but even the act of correction is, in itself, a new act, and not simply a way of reversing the past. The process of willing oneself to act, to live, that is living in the present. The choices and actions made have brought you to where you are now, but do not let that make you rely so much on the past as a defining point of where you are in life. What belongs in the past belongs there for a reason. We live in the moment and not in the past. Everyone is cruising down their own tunnels in life. Do not focus on what is in the rear-view mirror, but on what is in front of the headlights. // shot with iphone 7 // NYC 2017
Baseball Players at the Big Rec Field in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Early morning dog walks
Bondi Beach
It's been a very exciting day here in Namche Bazar, Nepal. We got our first sight of Mt. Everest and it was incredible. Namche is surround by mountains in every direction. Today was a "rest" day, which really means a 4 hour trek to a Everest viewpoint. It's tough work but we are loving it. (May 23, 2017)
Good morning, I'm lusting over this town house I walk by occasionally. How pretty is this home? #thatsdarling #myhood #uppereastside #pretty #prettycity #bloglovin #manhattan #streettogs
Beautiful day in the capital city...😍❤ This awesome shot is from @obavezno. Thanks for the share! For a feature, just use the tag #wonderlustcroatia and we'll consider your shots.
Pagi itu abadi, merambat perlahan di permukaan bumi, pagi tidak pernah siang..
@vicodin www.federicoarcangeli.com #WHisMM
Entre ombre et lumière divine. Paris, 2017.
in transit series #03/06.
Falun Dafa protest @ChinatownLondon. The most peaceful protest I have ever photographed. From my Chinatown series http://www.robjohns.info/-/galleries/personal-projects/chinatown ©Rob Johns
Willis Street 4
Sweeping through the shrine gates