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Some guys on a rainy day, make my soul, make my soul, drift, drift, drift away #streetartphotography #streetart #artofinsta #instaart #graffiti #lovelondon #oldstreet #shoreditch #citywalk #urbanart
I've been working way too much this week. Here's a pic from when I was briefly outside. 😊
UBER 5000 @uber5000 -- Spike the Cat knows what time it is... you suckaz! ⏰ -- with @shalakattack and @brunosmoky in Toronto Canada
Stay Up - Brooklyn, NY
El artista Härpo realizará una intervención de arte urbano durante todo el día. Aquí os dejamos con la pieza que realizó en la edición del Open Day del año pasado.
( I came in like a wrecking ball ) || ft. Wrecking Ball Woody @sacsix || 📍Mercer and Spring
✖️-_ Jef Aérosol -_ 📍La Fontaine Stravinsky -_ 📷 2015
Beautiful and light by @nomad.clan
Trejo's Donuts! Santa Monica Blvd. & Highland #hellyes
🌈👁👀👁👀👁🌈 by @kobrastreetart
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