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Look at these cuties watching the storm <3 Alex and Pete reunited @gordie94 #lakechamplain #stormysky #burlington #reunited #unitycollege
Photograph taken 6/6/17 Camera: PIXPRO AZ252 #stormclouds #stormysky #stormyskies #beautifulsky
Photograph taken 6/6/17 Camera: PIXPRO AZ252 #stormclouds #stormysky #stormyskies #beautifulsky
Sometimes I am really amazed by the scenery God has given us! Amazing clouds on my way home today! I did do a little editing to this, but only darkening some spots and the color a little so you could really see the rolling in the clouds. #stormysky #rain #realtorlife #realtormom #stormclouds #contrastcolors #realtor #godscreation #godsbeauty
Silence before the storm.
Moment of reflection while watching the birds go by.... #nola #shibainu #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstgram #eriecanal #peaceful #stormysky #puppylove
We are heading into some intense stormy skies with immense potential. As the planets and stars align to shake and dredge even more, of what is no longer serving within us; the potential is to grow, shine and be true. Truth is relative to our experiences as well as our perceptions. The is the potential to ignite a war or, sit within and come to a place of peace. The skies are not about to give us much rest or respite, July will have us all standing on shaking ground, digging deeper into the belief systems that has humanity wrapped in cloaks of intrigue, mistrust, greed and pollution, of both mind, body and planet. The creation of separation, religion, the have and have nots is not longer sustainable. The injustices are clearly visible no longer can we hide them, think refugee crisis, think Grenfel. Leadership is not the politician or priest it is YOU and I. We lead within our minds, bodies and hearts the ways in which we wish to engage, live and see this earth be our home. Our personal choices create a collective. Will we still be manipulated by our fears? Will we still be manipulated by our inner lack? Will be still be disempowered because of skin, belief, borders and bickering? You, yes YOU CHOOSE. That we have choice is now rising ever more to the surface, many will want to question what community is and looks like, it is definitely a time of the visionary. As we are squeezed ever tighter in our beliefs we head to an INTENSE, let me say that again I N T E N S E full moon in Capricorn. The year of not knowing is heating up in us really not knowing moment to moment what can change both, personally globally and collectively. WE are the change makers. We are the creators. WE must become empowered. Not by marching to war Not through politics and pretense Not through greed or billions in the bank Real change will be when we change the personal choices we make. Empowerment will come when we stop buying into systems that are done. Change is you and I. Change is up there in the stormy sky.