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This time two weeks ago I was on edge with #HurricaneIrma now this week is the same feeling only worse. #HurricaneMaria is expected to to hit my island St. Croix directly this time. People may think because I'm not there that I should be ok but when your mother and majority of your family as well as your entire community have to go through this and you can't do absolutely nothing but pray of course it tears you up inside. I know that probably by the end of the day I won't hear from anyone until Wed or Thur and all I can say is GOD please cover and protect everyone on St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts and Nevis and any other island that is in the path of this destructive storm. My Caribbean people I cry for you 😔 #VIStrong 🇻🇮 #VirginIslands #ProudWestIndian #WeAreOne #StillPraying #Caribbean
I believe there is good in the world and today I am humbly asking you to be the good. I'm asking for my Reiki, energy healers, spirit junkies to please send healing, protective energy and angels to all of those in the path of #catagory5 #hurricanemaria so she may peacefully dissolve or change course to keep all safe. I'm asking all for prayers for the safety of all in her path. I ask this for all and especially for my friends and family on St. Croix who have become the staging island for recovery efforts in the wake of #hurricaneirma. If she and Puerto Rico are hit, many other islands may loose their way to get supplies and recovery efforts to them. I know most people only think of the Caribbean when it's time for a paradise vacation, and governments tend to remember their territories when it benefits them politcally and strategically. However, this special part of the world is people's homes and livelihoods. And these are where friends and family live. So please #bethegood in the world and remember them in you hearts and prayers. Thank you. 💛💖🙏 #pleasepray #stillpraying #caribbeanstrong #sendingloveandlight #bethelight
Be mindful of the company you keep.. good morning #StillPraying #StillFighting #StillBelieving
Sesuatu yang lebih indah pasti akan datang...🙂 #stillwaiting #stillpraying #forbetterlife
I try so hard to be positive about it..."fine" with it...I'm good...nope covering up things...only work for so long...then those sad emotions...hurt feelings...ooze out from the wall I have built up!...some days is harder than others...and it has just begun! 😭💔😢 #Notagoodday #StillPraying #HangingontoHope #WillOvercome #Hurt #Sad #Emotional #Lifelesson #KickingMyAss #LordPleaseHelp #IntheStorm #LookingformyRainbow #IllbeOkay #JustnotToday #SwimminginFeelings #WontSeemeCry
comfort zones and preferences. London is the 4th different city I've moved to in the space of 4 years, and the city that I would have least expected myself to be in. I thought I'd be returning to Cardiff and continue to help build the church and the homeless outreach that God put on my heart. but now, I find myself in a city where there are no (physical) mountains to climb and I'm about 2 hours away from the nearest beach where there isn't even any surf there. here's the thing - He's the same God no matter where you are. in Exodus 7:3, God tells Moses that He will harden Pharaoh's heart and he won't even listen. can you imagine going to a place even though God's telling you that it will be impossible for you? the reason for this is God is showing you that the things that seem impossible for you are nothing for Him, you've just got to be obedient and follow. I've always pictured my walk of faith as a bouncy ball. when you're in that zone of comfort (like your bed or sofa) there's no bounce back, no growth. but when you're actually stepping out into the world and you throw that ball into the ground - the harder you hit it, the higher you get. I've been in circumstances recently where I genuinely couldn't see myself getting through. but some how, some way, God still pulled me through. I'm grateful that God can use a broken man. so the next time you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, instead of throwing a tantrum (I seriously didn't want to move to London lol) try and see things from God's perspective - He see's how things are, but He also see's how things will be. and quite frankly, I don't see myself ever settling down. even if I actually find a woman, I hope she'll be on the same wavelength of willing to go anywhere God tells us. #stillpraying