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Christmas vibes 🎄
Be kind to the people you meet. They may be fighting battles no one knows about 💯 #Repost @theblacksheepsurvives ( @get_repost) ・・・ @dont_gaslight_me_bruh shares critical information about CPTSD. Survivors of abuse carry triggers throughout our lives. It is deeply planted and triggers can be set off at any time. Instead of fighting the feelings, I sit and process the trigger I am experiencing. I know it scary but im not ignoring my feelings anymore and that is helping me cope with CPTSD better. #cptsd #triggers #ptsd #understanding Sharing via @dont_gaslight_me_bruh Having anxiety, depression, flashbacks or panic attacks after enduring one or more narcissists doesn't make you weak! Completely the opposite in fact - please remember - you endured and survived a situation akin to a war zone. The unpleasant and often terrifying symptoms can hit us out of nowhere and derail an otherwise good day. I felt the need to create this post tonight as I'm currently feeling triggered AF due to having the whole shebang invalidated today. More often than not, an invalidator will demand that you switch off your feelings due their own inconvenience or awkwardness. #dont_gaslight_me_bruh #woketonarcissism #complexptsd #cptsd #abusesurvivor #foodforthought #wordsofwisdom #lifelessons #resilience #staystrong #nevergiveup #trustyourjourney #itgetsbetter 🙏🏾