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Thankful for all the lighthouses in my life. The number one being our unwavering Almighty Father! But also for my husband, kids, family, and friends who are constant lighthouses in my life. Those who stay strong in the midst of a storm. Those who shine their light when darkness surrounds them. Those who lead me back to solid land when I drift away. Those who shelter me when I feel lost. Those who are always there waiting with a light on ready to help. Praying you can all find a whole lot of lighthouses in your life. And hopefully in the midst of finding our lighthouses, we can learn to be a lighthouse for others. ❤️ Happy thanksgiving! #happythanksgiving #thanksgiving2017 #lighthouse #thankfulforfamily #thankfulformyhusband #thankfulformykids #momoffive #floridakeys #marathonflorida #travelflorida #travlingfamily #travelthekeys #hashtagflorida #staysaltyflorida #saltlife #saltlifekids
Navarre Beach Bridge | Santa Rosa Sound | Navarre Beach | 14 November 2017
Thankful for living in the sunshine state 💛 Florida. . . . #thanksgiving #thanksliving
Still cooking for Thanksgiving so didn’t make it over to the beach for sunset but got to see this from my kitchen, do you see my lil ducky friend in the middle of the lake, he just showed up yesterday he’s the cutest 💛🐦