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HUMOUR, just like EXCELLENCE can be understood by anyone! It is one of MANY programming language used by a Public Speakers. And Hey, don't be too QUICK to write yourself off by saying "but I don't know how to crack jokes." YOU see, that's the misconception! Truth is, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A JOKE for it to be FUNNY! Words used in some certain situations which we taught at the Public Speaking & Presentation Workshop can lead to a positive energy emitting laughter. Miss @esosaasabor and Mr @efeotofia had a contiguous positive energy that was experienced not only by them but by everyone present at the Public Speaking & Presentation Workshop. #SpeakWithDaniel
no emotional or lengthy caption needed, she's simply the best woman in my world. Happy 50th Mum xx
StartupGrind KL featuring Timothy Tiah. #startupgrindkl #startup #startupgrind #entrepeneur #business
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I don't have a fairytale lie to tell you about success. I keep it real with my clients and then help you prepare for the real life expressions of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Now that I've said that.....still know that the spiritual, emotional and financial benefits trump any of these temporary discomforts. Your success is well worth it!
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돌고돌아 드디어 만났다🕊 5년 전 Nathen이 Platum(플랫텀)에서 일 할 때 그가 말했다. 한국에 오면 꼭 만나자고, 그가 기억할지는 모르겠지만 나는 한국에 오면 꼭 지키고 싶은 약속 중 하나였고 드디어 오늘 만났다! 영어로 진행되는 그의 스타트업 이야기✌🏻 Google for entrepreneurs👍🏻 It took 5 years to finally meet him in person. He must have forgotten me but I came here to keep our promise. #startup #5년걸림 #스타트업 #startupgrind #maru180 #인연 #dreamscometrue #promise #English #약속은지키라고있는법 #entrepreneur #insights #아산나눔재단 #samsung #google