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Happy Thanksgiving! šŸ¦ƒ Our team is thankful for the amazing people who are high achievers in their business fields. For Business Loans & Equipment Leasing Contact www.Credit4Biz.com šŸ˜šŸ’°. #business #businessloans #startupbusiness #money #loans #thanksgiving
Big Dreams are like Magic
06:22 am First off everyone out here trynna live, everyone have different ideas of a fulfilling life, my idea of a fulfilling life might not the same for you. So why would you follow my map (or the other way around). ? nobodyā€™s path is equal so to me it makes 0,0 sense to run my life based on what everyone else is doing, honestly fuck out my face with that. I donā€™t ā€˜Goalsā€™ nobody and I definitely do not want nobody to ā€˜Goalsā€™ me caus I am doing me and following my path. So I wish you do the same and stop ā€˜goalsā€™ ing people. Gooooood morning. āš”ļøā˜•ļøā˜€ļøā„ļø #classyhoodclothing #classyhoodclothingprocess #clothingbrand #classyhoodbyhg #classyhood2018 ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ #entrepreneur #artist #startupbusiness #onlinestore #dancer #ceo #models #singers #entrepreneurlifestyle #singer #youtubers #blackmodel #modeling #bosslady #model #streetfashion #classyhoodstore #classyhoodbyhg #fashion #fashioneditorial #entertainer #entrepreneurmindset
Free Life gets claustrophobic. Deadlines, to-do lists, perpetual improvement cycles. Stop what youā€™re doing for a bit. Be well.
Yuk bikin foto kamu yang bisa ngomong :) ! . . šŸ“Hubungi kami untuk portfolio #kalofotobisangomong . šŸ“Beberapa klien kami : S Cafe (food ), Pos Indonesia (landscape), Carla (fashion), GH Universal (interior). šŸ“Tersedia beberapa paket terjangkau yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan bisnis. šŸ“Terdiri dari tim photographer (food, fashion, interior, landscape), stylist, videographer dan strategist yang siap menghasilkan materi visual berkualitas untuk promosi. . ___________________________________ šŸ’”H&H diperkuat dengan tenaga-tenaga ahli profesional dan handal. Lebih dari 15th masing-masing berpengalaman di bidangnya, Strategic Planning Certified. . follow us @hhconsultant . "Bridging To Your Extraordinaries" _________________________ H&H Business Consultant Kalo Foto Bisa Ngomong (part of H&H) *Brand Consultant *Marketing Tourism Strategy *Operator Management wa (+62)821 1559 3737 hhconsultant77 @gmail.com ________________________
Sambal Pedas Pindang Sederhana dan Nikmat Belanja kok nggak kebagian ikan yang diinginkan? Beli pindang saja. Karena kamu juga bisa mengolahnya jadi menu favorit keluarga, apalagi hujan-hujan begini. Goreng pindang dengan sambal bawang, nikmatnya nggak nahan. Bahan-bahan: 10 buah pindang, buang perutnya dan cuci bersih 1 siung bawang putih 1 sdt garam air secukupnya Bumbu sambal: 3 siung bawang putih 2 siung bawang merah 10 buah cabai rawit 1 buah cabai merah 1/2 sdt garam 1 sdt gula minyak secukupnya Cara membuat: Haluskan bawang putih dan garam. Tuang sedikit air dan rendam pindang kurang lebih 5 menit. Goreng pindang hingga kering dan matang. Tiriskan. Goreng sebentar bumbu sambal. Ulek halus dengan gula dan garam. Panaskan minyak bekas menggoreng. Tuang secukupnya di atas sambal. Jadi deh, pindang siap disajikan dengan sambal bawang ekstra pedas dan nasi hangat yang nikmat. Sumber : Vemale.com Download aplikasi TukangSayur.co di http://bit.ly/tukangsayur #sayuran #startups #buah #startupbusiness #startuplife #onlineshopjkt #daging #masak #onlineshoptrusted #sayur #androidnesia #belanjasayuran #belanjaonline #kebutuhanpokok #arisan #keluarga #belanjamurah #belanja #masakanindonesia #masakanrumahan #masakanku #kulinerjakarta #kuliner
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Night shift...
My daily mantra...write SOMETHING! Then you can make it better šŸ˜Š
Girls night with my new favorite sisters. @lynderrr
@lularoe is so much more than clothes. #becauseoflularoe I have this gorgeous lady in my life! This lady is my motivator, one of my closest friends, my Dr Mom literally, and my mentor. Itā€™s her birthday week, and today I am extra thankful for @lularoedaniellerussell. I šŸ’™ you!
#AskAli - Marketing for Black Friday + HolidaysšŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡ Here are some simple ideas/tactics . 1 - Create a KILLER offer (not an OK offer) 2 - Email your existing customers. Ask them to share with family & friends 3 - Retarget existing customers on Facebook (Custom Audience) 4 - On your THANK YOU pages, encourage people to share 5 - Ask people coming the door to share. If we donā€™t ASK we donā€™t get 6 - Use Facebook Ads and target people who have engaged with your page recently 7 - Do leverage all social media channels + audiences you have . šŸš€ The key thing is to NOT focus on just ONE channel . šŸ¤” Your email open rate is prob 5 - 15%? Right? So what about the others? . šŸ”„ Target them on other channels (FB ads etc.) BTW what would you add to this list? LMK in comments šŸ‘‡