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Elena Marie Gilbert Okay firstly, I stan Nina and I stan Elena and Katherine. She plays good so well and bad so well. Back to Elena. She is one of the strongest females I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching grow. Sure she’s made a lot of mistakes but she comes back fighting even stronger. Such a smol, like seriously after all the shit this girl has been put through, she can still find happiness? She would do anything for her friends (and don’t say that they always protect her and she just stands on the sidelines because she has always wanted to help but either Damon on someone has stopped her) and when she plays Kat, the difference between the two characters is impeccable. Nina really does do both characters justice and she’s a literal queen.
Stan the Bengal cross has been with us for 630 days! He is a very loving and people oriented cat who can’t wait to find his new home. Stan is a highly active and intelligent boy who would like someone around a lot to keep him entertained and listen while he chats away. He likes to play games, including fetch, and is a whiz at learning tricks. Stan needs to be the only cat in his new home and has a few medical issues that will need to be discussed before he can be adopted. If you are interested in adopting Stan please feel free to call us on 9224 2222 or visit RSPCA Burwood East for more information! #rspca #rspcavic #rspcavictoria #adopt #adoption #adoptdontshop #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #bengal #stan