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Our chic stairwell at our Amsterdam store RG: @sanne.marianne #deBijenkorf #Amsterdam #stairwell #marble #flowers #chic #store
The stairs to climb the bell tower are very eroded due to the mass of tourists. And the erosion zig zags from the inside wall to outside wall due to the lean of the tower. It really is an experience climbing the tower. #pisa #leaningtowerofpisa #tourists #erosion #stairwell
COLOUR CRUSH 💛 #yellow #stairwell #colourcrush #mood
They say you’re a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you don’t like where you’re at, level up the community. Find people who speak light into you, challenge you to step up, who are chasing their dreams, who know how to make you laugh, feel comfortable, accept, inspire and lift you up. & if you have this already, cherish it 🦋
BTS of today's secret cat meeting in the stairwell. Still a mystery: what was on the agenda... . . . . #btsmemes #behindthescenes #catmeeting #secretmeeting #ontheagenda #stairwell
Today’s outfit was a combo of pieces I wore yesterday, but I made it more office friendly today. A green open front shirt with faux leather detail at the shoulders, wide leg black dress pants, and black booties. I wore a fall-inspired necklace and of course my #nerd glasses which keep me from going cross eyed after a long day staring at the computer. I’m excited because tomorrow is my first day teaching a fitness class at my school!!! Any other business out there interested in a corporate fitness class? They’re great for camaraderie and helping you feel better while you work! Contact me if interested!