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Summer is right around the corner.. but so are donuts 🤤🍩 and yes, these are donuts made for dogs #donutsfordogs #treatyopup #shoplocal #madeinmassachusetts
So... everyone keep asking me about Elwin, my sweet baby boy. My first love and my biggest passion. I'll explain... I didn't want to tell you all because it breaks my heart every time I speak of it, I don't want to deal with this and I don't want to be in this situation. I was very ill when I got Elwin 7 years ago, he helped me out of the bed and gave me so much love. I felt responsibility and caring, he gave me life. When he was about a year old, I noticed some changes in his behavior-he started biting and being unpredictable. After a year of positive training and using rewards as a number one, he still hadn't changed. I got a letter from my neighbors which stated that my ex boyfriend were mistreating Elwin while I was away or at work. I kicked him the hell out of my apartment and I started working with Elwin. We went to several different vets and behaviorists. After years of evaluations with different specialists, he just got worse. I NEVER GAVE HIM UP THOUGH. He got severe allergies when he was four years old, I have used the last three years of testing every medication there is for treatment, he just won't respond to any of them. He got troubles with his knees and hips when he was a little over 5 years old, on and off painkillers since then. Although I have been living with a dog who continuously bit me, my neighbors, every child and every other member of my family-I still loved him and I handled it. I gave Elwin everything I had, I gave him proper care and constantly visit vets and other specialists. The last two years I've been told to just let him go, but I couldn't before I had explored every single option on this planet. Suddenly I became pregnant, I should have felt joy-but I couldn't. Not at first. I knew that this baby would make me loose my dear Elwin, how could I even choose?! I have spent the last three months gathering information and exploring options for him. He can't be re-homed due to his issues. I've visited a final vet and behaviorist weeks ago, we have then decided that the best for Elwin is to walk over the rainbow bridge. This will be my hardest goodbye and I seriously need time💙
I'm just a small pup with a huge head and a stick in his mouth. Who are you?
Me and my bestie Bagheera 🐯 #BFF
Pillow & a blanket = happy dog 👍🏻 #adogslife #staffy #staffygram #staffypup #staffyslife #happydog
She sleeps!! 🙌🏼😴😅 Like a little kangaroo. Post op check went well today, Bug was given a cone of shame for licking her stitches and instructed no more than 20 minute lead walks for 10 days. She's already so done with that.. on day two. This will be interesting! 🤔
C A N I C R O S S 🐾🐕 Ce soir petite sortie avec Monsieur en vélo & notre petite bombe, pour s'entraîner pour notre 1er canicross 😁 C'est fou comme Meïka tracter avec Monsieur devant en vélo! C'est qu'il y en a la dessous!! Comme quoi petit chien ok mais endurance et muscles 👌🏽C'est limite moi qui ne la suit pas 😪
Väntar på fredagsmyset som matte råkat glömma bort 🙄 hade ju utlovat nya tuggben. Säger man "ska vi gå hem? Ni ska få ben!" på promenaden så blir åtminstone Ådi väldigt ivrig eftersom han vet vad "hem" och "ben" betyder. Sen då det tar typ en timma innan man får dem...🙄 inte okej!
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Happy friday from me and @jax.the.staffy
Valglo Tuff Gong At Balistaffs x Balistaffs Aloha , Puppies born on 2017 ,27th ,April at 18 O'Clock #NannyDog #DogLovers #Affectionate #Protective #Sbt #Staffords #StaffyGram #StaffBull #StaffordshireBullTerrier #InstaDog #Balistaffs #BalistaffsSbt
“Regarde ton chien dans les yeux et tu ne pourras pas affirmer qu’il n’a pas d’âme.” V.Hugo #victorhugo #dog #staffy #pet🐶 #love #staffygram #staffylove
Princess was 'the one that got away'. I only fostered her for 3 months but she stole my heart 😫. She is the perfect dog. She had a funny personality and loved playing with sticks and throwing her ball around the garden. Being a foster mum can be so hard, especially when I get attached to every dog I meet anyway 😫 but letting them go to their furever homes helps save other dogs that need a loving home. One day I will eventually adopt a dog from a rescue and if they're dog friendly, continue to foster :) it's taught me to keep an open mind and cherish each dog and their quirky personalities ♥️ #fostering #dogfoster #fosterdog #adoptables #adoptdontshop #adoption #rescuedog #princess #rescue #dogsofinstgram #ukdogsofinsta #ukdogs #dogs #doglovers #seniorstaffy #seniordogs #seniorstaffyclub #staffordshirebullterrier #staffy #staffygram #dogsofinstgram #love #beautiful #staff
A little friday night walk with mom and dad in the sunset 💏☀️🐶🌾
I'm ready to train mummy 💪💪💖
No van. No worries. Now we ride in style buddy. 🐶