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I want to thank everybody who has taken the time to like a video, support a performance, and show love. This is a exciting adventure and its jus the start If you haven't already take the time to download Art Of Sound on Google Play and the App Store 🚨Art Of Sound🚨 #SpokenWord #Poetry #ArtOfSound Logo: @themonklonious
You can break into our house but you can't break down our drive. Only thing this made us do was dig more into our grind. Every day and everything is a gift and proof of grace so we're not about to let those rooting against us have the final say. #spokenword #vsco #blackandwhiteisworththefight #conquer
I. The question hangs a hook through my pink cheek. How did you do that thing that you did to my heart? II. Because isn't the real tragedy how you found yourselves in one another? How you took one brief look into the mirror of her, turned around and walked away? V. Her name is a wooden ship. To try and force it into his glass bottle heart would only break her. VII. What is the name of the place that everyone can see is burning but no one can feel the effects of the smoke or the heat of the flames except the place? And that place is not a place but a person? And that person is the eye in my poems only it's my real life body that aches. And isn't that love? Not being able to see the explosion even though you are the one holding the bomb? And the bomb is also you. VIII. The girl's hair turns to forget-me-nots in time. Her bones softened to willow branches. Her chest is now a cabinet of well-stacked cigar boxes. Caskets carrying memories, she is slow turning to ash. In lieu of conversations she passes smoke. The girl collects seashells. Still, remembering is her favorite past time. She cannot hold her heart up without trembling so she hides it away in bottomless midnights, which are her grief, but are also her lust. The girl is now a girl who is also whale, full of unoccupied space and it's tragic how she displaces her emptiness with loneliness. How she wants and wants and wants and needs to know why. Why the boy might want to live so far away from her now when his house is just a couple block south of ten minutes and all that space lays still. Loud as a snail's cry Wouldn't I know about crawling up inside one's self? Wouldn't I know about a body full of waiting and a floor clean as a plate in a cupboard holding nine other plates on top of it, how it's so unbearable? Holding love. How it makes the girl feel helpless. This period of heavy pockets of change her heart is unwilling to make. IX. Did you hear me? I said I love you. I said I still love you. Still... you. ~~~ #unrequitedlovein9parts #sabrinabenaim #excerpt #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #poem #poems #poetry #words #love #loss #pain #brokenhearted #heartbroken #heartbreak #missingus #imissyou #mylittlehb #TG
"And maybe you might find his head is higher in the clouds than it should be. Mixed between the debris of reality you’ll see a sea of imagination. Because Mr. average was like any other guy. He’d walk by with a sigh, look up to the sky and fail to say hi because he was always thinking of something more." An excerpt of the next poem I plan on recording - Mr. Average. (I'm doing this just for the love of it) #mirakee #Foolforwords #Poem #Poet #Poetry #poetsofinstagram #Prose #Writer #Writings #Writersofinstagram #writersnetwork #Spokenword #poetsofmirakee #writersofmirakee
my first ever drag performance! ❤️ #Repost @janersong ( @get_repost) ・・・ Here's the opening of my first ever drag performance 😬😁 Thank you to all who came and supported, even though it was @ an upsetting time! & special thanks to @jemimahandful for getting me up on stage for the first time & being so amazing & supportive ❤️ #Repost @emily_janeo with @repostapp thank you!! 😊 ・・・ Tonight was a rough one, to say the least. However, we did get to see the birth of Sapphire ( @janersong) 💎 Congratulations on your wonderful debut, beautiful!! #drag #dragqueen #bioqueen #biodrag #melbournedrag #supportyourlocalqueens #skyferreira #hatersanonymous #dragqueensreadmeancomments #spokenword #firstperformance #babydrag
I thoroughly enjoyed performing at Abstract Word tonight at MAP studio in Kentish Town, accompanied by Richmond Trew; saxophonist, Pianist, percussionist, Spoken Word Artist - I feel a collaboration coming on! This poem is called 'Conversations Within' from my award-winning poetry collection 'Seeds of Love' #liveperformance #conversations #within #poetry #spokenword
Issa vibe 👐🏾! Come out to the Artisan Gallery tomorrow to rock with the featured preform AKA yours Truly 😎🎼🎼. $10 Entry #atlanta #poetry #spokenword #goodvibesonly
Se liga na programação da próxima edição do #slamdasminassp programe-se e chega junto! 👊 Obs: esse número 16 tá cabalistico as bruxas do Slam estão prevendo uma edição histórica! 🔮 Em breve o evento tá no ar! #grlpwr #wmnpwr #mulheresnalinhadefrente #spokenword #poesia