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Just a couple of friends making Organic spirits from scratch in Maine... We were overdue for a selfie! ðŸĪģ
Crafting something from start to finish is what inspires us, sharing the experience and our Organic spirits with you completes the journey.
#Repost @stalljack ordering the off menu G & T with @elderflowerfarm organic wild Maine blueberries, just ask for the Blue G & T!
Making an entry in their travel journal. These two were on a brewery minded mission, but made an exception when they pulled in at the distillery, with their pop up shadow cruiser and excitement about all things organic! 📓 ðŸĨƒ ⛹ïļ ☀ïļ
Please forgive me IG, My first pic didn't do @splitrockdistilling justice. Let me try again. ahem. I'm not a big white whiskey drinker, but this one has made its way onto my shelf! Split Rock is Maine's first organic distillery. They are extremely passionate about their community and producing quality small batch grain to glass spirits. Their white whiskey has a strong, spirited nose of sweet corn and grain. It brightens up the taste buds with a burst of corn, rye, and wheat. Thin mouthfeel with a good finish. The burn lingers enough to shake off the Monday cobwebs. What's your favorite white whiskey? Be sure to check out @bourbonmaine 's review of SRD's white whiskey! #mainespiritsmonday #craftdistillery #smallbatch
All in good time. @davesbeeradventures nabbed the perfect synopsis in one shot of our winter filling big oak Bourbon barrels with organic whiskey! And now we patiently wait for the day when we crack these casks open and reminisce with you about the journey. In the meantime, swing in for a swig of our small barrel organic Bourbon, free tastings available daily at the distillery! #splitrock #splitrockdistilling #bourbon #whiskeybarrel #bourbonbarrelaged #organicwhiskey #imbibegram #whiskey #patienceisavirtue #allingoodtime #bung #craftdistilling #distillery #mainemade #mainewhiskey #organicspirits #waiting #instawaiting #photographerlife #perspective #winterinmaine
This looks like a good place for a sampling. Another installment of #mainespiritsmonday . This week it's Split Rock Distillery's White Whiskey. Coming in at 100 proof it's astringent on the nose with underlying sweet corn. The taste is not as hot as I would've thought for the proof, with a "Kentucky Chew" I get sweet corn and spice. Finish is pretty quick. All in all not a bad pour but it wouldn't be my daily. This would make a good base for different mixed drink.Stay tuned for a review from the one and only @mainebourbongirl #splitrockdistilling #whitewhiskey #beachdrinking #sebagolake