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Beautiful Souls, I'm working on something that my heart has been guided to by God, As an empath I sense in my heart where truth and love are void. My heart has been hurting for myself and for this world. The world needs a lot more Jesus and I'm called to share his wonder. I'm really excited to serve and share the work I've been guided to do in hopes to bring more light, love & truth in a world that can be so dark. Love & Blessings, Amanda 💛🙏🏽 Follow me on my mission @mandaonamission352 #mandaonamission #Faith #truth #light #love #unconditionallove #lovewithoutconditions #wellness #purpose #passion #teacher #guide #jesus #healing #wordofgod #speaklife #speaklove #speaktruth #yoga #prayer #meditation
"My joy was being made complete as I understood just how He loved me. He loves you too. He wants you to feel that kind of deep abiding joy that comes from being in His presence." -Robin Bertram. Discover how intricately God is involved in your life by downloading a FREE "No Regrets" chapter: noregretsbook.net
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A L O H A 🌺F R I D A Y "Our greatest accomplishments happen when we allow God to come into our lives! Without him, this wouldn't be paradise!" 🌴 ✍🏽T.C. The Giver #hawaii #grind #aloha #motivation #yes #success #explore #travel #truth #trying #promise #make #it #happen #today #love #pursue #dream #goals #paradise #entrepreneur #lifestyle #momentum #moment #SPEAKLIFE 💯 #TC23 🙏🏽
If we fail to nourish our souls, they wither, and without soul, life ceases to have meaning. The creative process shrivels in the absence of continual dialogue with the soul. And creativity is what makes life worth living!
ABUNDANCE Though spiritual people can sometimes be wary of abundance and prosperity and wealth, I KNOW you are born to thrive. 💥 I know that your lack does not help anyone, least of all, you. 💥 And yes, we can try to spiritualise it all and say that abundance is about more than just money - YES IT IS! 💥 But it ALSO includes access to money at will... 💥 It includes you never having to worry about how things will be afforded and yes, sometimes the intuitive nudges from Spirit within will lead you in the direction where things you desire are simply supplied to you and that is great! 💥 However, you do not want to have internal blocks to learning how to create wealth deliberately, as well. 💥 FREEDOM from limiting beliefs, remember? 💥 Allow yourself to receive abundance by the work of your hands and by miraculous means too, as you simply follow those intuitive nudges within that tell you the next step then the next step, then the next step... 💥 Abundance is deliberately cleaning and clearing any 'mass think' ideas about becoming rich, about entitlement to only getting miraculous help, even when doing what seems to be spiritual work... 💥 The thing you forget is that EVERYTHING is spiritual. 💥 EVEN MONEY! 💥 Do not let your shame and false beliefs stop you from living out your calling. 💥 I see too many spiritual people begging and pleading with the heavens for provision when the nudge within is telling them to LEARN how to create wealth with their own hands, whilst living out the calling... 💥 That is just fear cloaking as piety 💥 And that is not the ABUNDANT LIFE! 💥 As Spirit says - "I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!" 💥 Will you allow it in? 💥 #LiveLifeDeliberately
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You have the right to make mistakes, unless you learn from them. Mistakes happen, it's important to make the most of them!
This is her “trying to be brave” face and I love this photo of my sweet girl. This was when she got her ears pierced. She was confident, but not totally... nervous & unsure what to expect. So what did she do? She put on her brave face and *locked eyes* with her mama - the one who cares for, loves, and protects her. The one who told her I wouldn’t leave her side and she can trust me it will be ok. 🌿Guys. What a picture of our relationship withe Jesus this is. When we aren’t sure, are scared, etc we can trust him. So let’s remember that in those scary/uneasy moments to just lock eyes with Jesus and trust.
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