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Luci che vanno a ritmo di musica.
what’s your biggest fear? and why
Gucci or Louis Vuitton ? ✨ --- I wanted y'all to know that I'm going on a small vacation. It's probably gonna be for a week or more, so I won't be active. Also, my exams are coming up and i'm all messed up!! HELP ME 😞
just got back home from school haiz
Kane returned to WWE on last night’s episode of Raw, and he'll be involved in the main event of TLC on Sunday. Kane will be teaming with The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus & Braun Strowman against The Shield in a tables, ladders, and chairs match at the pay-per-view. This was all decided after Kane's interference helped Strowman defeat Roman Reigns in a steel cage main event on Raw tonight. Sunday will be the first time that Kane has wrestled this year. Much of his time has been spent campaigning for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.
Y queremos acercarnos cada día, atragantados de fingir indiferencia.
“Aveva la mente incasinata..come la metropolitana alle 7 del mattino, ma era così apparentemente tranquilla.
Non sapeva cosa dire, non sapeva cosa pensare..
Era così strana e complicata allo stesso tempo.
Era semplice, timida forse un po’ troppo, ma possedeva quel tocco di femminilità che rendeva il tutto estremamente elegante.” #makeup #📷 🌺
I wish somebody would of told me babe that some day these would be the good old days
Melhor do que ter uma grande beleza, é ter um grande coração.
Happy birthday to me!🎉🎉