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Enjoyed the panoramic city view while having an aerial tram ride on our way up to N Seoul Tower. 🤤 #BrooKarRescapade2017 #SeoulSearching2017 #SouthKoreaTrip2017 #KarEnjoysTraveling #KarenMikhaidventures #seoulkorea #southkoreatrip #nseoultower #
The bright, colourful homes of Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan, South Korea stand out along the cliff side. Built in this way due to the belief that every family should be able to prosper, by building a tier formation no house has the great views blocked by its neighbour. The village grew into what it is today following Korean War and was born out of a religion known as Taegeukdo. Gamcheon was originally more of an impoverished area but in recent years locals have put more effort in maintaining and allowing the village to grow. Each family has decided to paint their house in these stunning pastel colours therefore it is by chance it looks so colourful rather than it being organised. Many abandoned houses have been turned into exhibition pieces, and the village now a must visit when in Busan. Take a look at my travels in South Korea here:  http://walkaboutwanderer.com/category/destinations/asia/south-korea/ You can follow my adventures at: Website: walkaboutwanderer.com | Facebook: Walkabout Wanderer | Twitter: kathywanderer | Pinterest: KathyW_Wanderer
Annyeong! Day 1 #southkoreatrip
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