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Finally starting to like my hair after three weeks ūüėā Do yourself a favor guys, get a girl that's smart AND gorgeous. ūüėäToo many of you are intimidated. We don't bite unless you deserve it ;) #girlswhocode #blondies #softwareengineering
It may look like paradise! But also we work hard out here ūüí™ūüŹľ. Read my blog post on LinkedIn about my experiences recently being a teacher at @israel_tech_challenge . Link in bio!!! Nothing compares to helping other people! My students have demanded me to be at my best & to find answers to questions I don't know. Any company would be lucky to have them. ūüėáūüė≠
some reading material for my commute ūüėī
My sister Devin was a big fan of having a theme. I try to follow her lessons. My IG account has had two major themes. Now a third. With a new name. 1. ‚öęThe thread that ties the initial images together‚Ķis DNA. And my #BRCA1 genetic mutation. I wanted to have a different outcome than my mother and sister. I wanted to survive to share their lessons.¬†¬†There are photos of that time 2. ‚öęMy cousin was discouraged to pursue Mathematics as her college major. Mostly by people unaware of the access, career choices and opportunities the degree could provide. Unaware of what it has given me So I showed her an exhaustive list of pathways.¬†¬†On Instagram.¬†¬†I also joined Howard University‚Äôs Math club. I wanted to stay informed and pass along the resources from our HBCU networks #NeuralNetworks¬†¬† #GetIt? #Sorry 3. ‚öęNow it is already Junior year. She knows where she can work. (Anywhere). And I guess the entire world now knows....that At Least NASA hires Math majors #HiddenFigures And thanks to that former Google Employee, the entire world now knows‚Ķ.ONLY 20% of Google‚Äôs technical employees are Women. ONLY 1% of Google‚Äôs technical EMPLOYEES are Black So like 2 Black women work there But I don‚Äôt want my cousin to be discouraged.¬†¬†There is a NEW opening. That guy who faked Actually having a PhD‚Ķ did get fired So my Third theme is the Technical Interview @kaydevasart We are starting interview prep.¬†¬†NOW As Andrew Ng Says: One picture to keep in mind is that, I think,¬†setting up your dev set, plus,¬†your single real number evaluation metric,¬†that's like placing a target and telling¬†your team where you think is the bull's eye you want to aim at Because, what happens once you've established that dev set and the metric is that,¬†the team can iterate very quickly, try different ideas,¬†run experiments and very quickly evaluate classifiers and try to pick the best one So, machine learning teams are often very good at shooting different arrows into¬†targets and iterating to get closer and closer to hitting the bullseye #MathematicalAssasins
Here's the hero for my about page on my new portfolio. Talk about an upgrade! #progress
Interview with David Anderson on the Agile Uprising podcast with Colleen Johnson, Andrew Leff, and Ryan Lockard bit.ly/au_anderson⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #kanban #agile #lean #softwareengineer #programmer #programmers #programming #softwareengineering #softwaredeveloper #coding #coder #softwaredevelopment
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#Python is the most popular programming language in 2017, according to IEEE Spectrum. Another great reason to dive into Python classes with our colleagues Alex and Mihai #LifeAtTremend #softwareengineering #techaddict #codelife
Where the fuck is the problem!!! God dammit!! #programming #softwareengineering #projectmanagement