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thank u bathroom wall in my school for serving the real questions
A face reveal because why not
i’m trying to convince my mom to let me get my nose pierced. fingers crossed.
I have to buy a new charger for my phone 🙄
Its almost Christmas and I still need to buy my mom a present
So apparently there's this new mini mart store a few blocks away from my house just open recently , and people barely went to shop there , and I kind of feel bad about it , so friendly me decided to why not just give it a try and buy some ice cream there as I was actually craving for some lately , and I'm surprised that they seriously sell a bunch of different type of ice cream flavours there , so fast forward to when I'm about to pay , the person who's in charge of the cashier is a boy who probably seems like a 15 year old which is same age as me , and honestly he's kind of cute just like any other descent guy out there , and take note I literally bought a bunch of ice cream so at some point he suddenly spoke to me and told me that I'm the first person to ever came to the shop there and bought a bunch of ice cream and it makes him really happy , and honestly it's feel so good to hear that , so after I finished paying he said thank you and have a great weekends , and all I just want to say is that I'm glad I made someone happy today 😊🍨 . #tokyo #japan #korean #hipster #grunge #pale #aesthetic #soft #ulzzang #ulzzangboy #ulzzanggirl #hipstergirl #grungegirl #softgrunge #softaesthetic #softpale #paleaesthetic #palegrunge #hipsteraesthetic #grungeasthetic #tumblraesthetic #japanaesthetic #koreanaesthetic #asianaesthetic #style .
I don’t wear rings enough 🖤 Also I just wake upbI’m trash I can’t wake up early I made a questionnaire about my sleep and it give me so many tips to sleep more well I should try to follow them also if you have problem with that make one too (❀╹▿╹)
☹oh i want to tell you that you're right and go anywhere, desolate and by your side☹
might go on another downtown prov adventure on sunday n im pretty stoked ,, even tho im sick as FUCK
i could be your supermodel if you see it in me i don’t see myself why i can’t stay alone just by myself wish i was comfortable just with myself but i need you 🌻 ♡ #softgrunge #grunge #lanadelrey #sza #tumblr #tumblrgrunge #twentyonepilots #halsey #depression #daddy #pastel #f4f #billieeilish #lolita #gorillaz #softpale #retro #xxxtentacion #nymphette #ddlg #the1975 #theneighborhood
I got my favorite Christmas cake today 🍰 I play animal crossing wild world again and this game is my favorite it remember me so many good thing 🖤
Feliz egreso!! 🎓😄 Más que feliz de compartirlo con grandes personas 💕
y’all christmas is in like 11 days. what a concept.
I got 100 on my math exam :)
Prazer, eu mesma.
woke up from my nap to the FCC agreeing on repealing net neutrality. i’m going back to sleep now, fuck this
it snowed a lot today n it’s making me miss summer so much more ;(
I babysit one of my cousin kids today , and for the first time in my whole life I scold them for not listening to me , and thinking back right now I kind of feel a little bit guilty though , but honestly I just can't help it since they keep shouting and throwing some stuff around , and not just that but one of them literally push a mug at one of the table by doing it purposely , and it's like when I heard the noise of crashing down to the floor I just can't help it but started to get panicked instead , and eventually after I get everything to cleaning it up I text my cousin straight away and told everything what happened , and thankfully she understand and told me not to worry about it as she will definitely give them some punishment when she get home from work later on 😬💥 . #tokyo #japan #korean #hipster #grunge #pale #aesthetic #soft #ulzzang #ulzzangboy #ulzzanggirl #hipstergirl #grungegirl #softgrunge #softaesthetic #softpale #paleaesthetic #palegrunge #hipsteraesthetic #grungeasthetic #tumblraesthetic #japanaesthetic #koreanaesthetic #asianaesthetic #style .
what do i say
It’s so cold omg
((((everytime, i try to speak it consumes my mind it consumes my soul it wants my life it wants complete control))))
Ready to be christmasy as hell ! Last day of kids Christmas event I’m so tired bit so ready for it ! Let’s have fun 🖤
I think I’m gaining weight :/