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Still looking for the diner 👀 #sofiaishere #lamorsaenpepe
Abbinate 💕___________________________________________________________________________________________ #outfit #rosso #mammaefiglia #momlife #SofiaAntonella #sofiaishere #selfie #instamoment #instamom #momandson #domenica #love
Muchas gracias a @clinicablanes por su gran profesionalidad y cercanía, gracias Angel, Teresa y Angel Arturo, Sois ideales!!! Gracias a Dory y Katy, mis comadronas, por explicar en todo momento lo que íbamos a hacer. Gracias Toño por la epidural rapidita rapidita, jeje . En fin, mil gracias a enfermeras, auxiliares y personal de limpieza del @hospital9deoctubre. Gracias a vosotros podemos decir bien alto: Bienvenida Sofía!! #sofiaishere #masbuenaquelepan #tercerabendicion #maternidad #welcometoourlife #clondemary #antivuelcoideal
Gracias por dejarme acompañarlos y ser parte de este momento tan especial para ustedes, felicidades papas! aww my best friend having her first babygirl Sofia so happy ❤ #sofiaishere #imheremommy #imheredaddy #holachristian #holaatodos #holamundo #inlovewithsofiaalready
Oggi sento che, tutto il mondo gira forte intorno a te, basti tu da sola e tutto qui accade, tutto qui accade, per te! 🌸💖 #sofiaishere @negramaroofficial
7 mesi!!! 🎊💝
Visita in da house #sofiaishere
☀️🌊⛱ la mia bimba...il mio orgoglio 💞
This weekend God blessed us with a new member in our family. Baby Sofia is officially here😊😍😍u are already loved by many. Love u to the moon and back Sofia 😘😘we gonna make some awesome memories together😘😘 #iamanauntieagain #happyandblessed #wegotanewmemberinourfamily #sofiaishere @marcolino9000 @gisi_camastra
Baby Sofia is here! I want to start off by saying congratulations!! This is an awesome time for our family and friends to welcome baby Sophia. I hope babyhood is filled with lots of love and cuddles. Get ready the next few years are going to be an awesome ride. It's been amazing to watch your love grow and Marco thank you for making my cousin complete. I really can't thank you enough for bringing her and Ammie so much joy in their lives. I am sure you're going to be an amazing dad you already are. I think it's safe to say that you guys are always surrounded by love which by the way we had the best wedding party😜😜😜😜. Primita I love you to the moon and back I'm super proud of you! I'm sure grandma is watching down so proud of u. It's been a blessing to watch your journey and your belly grow and eating awesome food for Sophia 😊but on a serious note thank u for being so giving to me and others. God has blessed u tremendously and Sophia's going to be loved by many you already an awesome mom,friend,cousin,sister,aunt and wife. I love u and I can't wait to build more awesome memories with Sofia & Ammie love u guys!! #wegotanewmemberinourfamily #sofiaishere #iamanauntie @marcolino9000 @gisi_camastra
Finalmente ❤❤❤❤ #sofiaishere
È evidente che il divertimento di mamma nel conciarti da bambolina non è condiviso 🤣❤️
Such fun last night😘 #wettingthebabyshead #sofiaishere
Primo giorno al mare! 👙🌞🏖