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Suck an awesome experience receiving bear paws in the recess voxbox they're great! #bearpawssoftgranola #complimentary @influensterca #sodelicious #yummysnack
When you're drained from going through a natural disaster...watching friends and family go through another natural disaster...watch friends cry over their family who are picking up the rubble and debris from another catastrophe... Im so done. So im eating coco whip right out the container like its ice cream and not giving a hoot 😒 Ill b nice and plump for doomsday. #sodelicious #cocowhip #vegan #veganwhipcream #veganfoodporn
*Tubuh Kita Butuh Asupan Kolagen* _Benarkah tubuh manusia membutuhkan asupan kolagen?_ Jawab: *Benar* _Kenapa?_ Jawab: *Seiring dengan waktu, produksi kolagen alami tubuh kita menurun. Hal ini mengurangi integritas struktural kulit dan menyebabkan kulit kendur, terbentuknya garis-garis dan kerutan, serta melemahnya tulang rawan pada sendi.* Lantas, ada di manasih kolagen itu di tubuh kita? _Kolagen banyak ditemui dalam jaringan ikat. Di antaranya pada jaringan kulit, tulang rawan, tendon, dan ligamen. Bahkan, sebagian besar protein yang ada dalam tubuh kita berbentuk kolagen._ Lalu apasih yang dikerjakan kolagen dalam tubuh? _Secara garis besar, di lapisan tengah kulit (dermis), kolagen membantu pembentukan jaringan fibrosa. Dan di atas fibrosa ini sel-sel baru dapat tumbuh._ _Kolagen juga diperlukan dalam penggantian dan pemulihan sel-sel kulit yang mati. Bahkan, beberapa kolagen juga berfungsi sebagai penutup atau pelindung untuk organ-organ dalam tubuh, misalnya ginjal._ Untuk lebih detailnya, inilah beberapa *fakta penting tentang kolagen*: (1) Protein membentuk sekitar 20% dari massa tubuh, dan kolagen membuat sampai sekitar 30% dari protein dalam tubuh manusia. (2) Setidaknya ada 16 jenis kolagen, tetapi 80-90% dari kolagen tubuh terdiri dari 4 tipe. Kolagen tipe I fibril lebih kuat daripada baja (gram untuk gram). Kolagen ini paling sering ditemukan di dalam kulit, tulang, dan jaringan ikat. Tipe 2 membentuk struktur tulang rawan. Tipe 3 membentuk struktur serat retikular. Dan Tipe 4 membentuk basis membran basal sel. (3) Kolagen memberikan kulit kekuatan dan struktur, dan berperan dalam penggantian sel-sel kulit mati. (4) Produksi kolagen menurun seiring dengan usia (sebagai bagian dari penuaan intrinsik), dan berkurang oleh paparan sinar ultraviolet serta faktor lingkungan lainnya (penuaan ekstrinsik). (5) Kolagen dalam produk medis dapat berasal dari manusia, sapi, babi, dan ikan. (6) Kolagen menarik sel-sel kulit baru untuk situs luka. (7) lanjut dikomen 👇 #KooVina #koovinabrazilliankolagen #minumankokagenpalingenak #kolagendrink #bestseller #goodquality #premium #sodelicious #delicioustaste
Busy day! Trying to get back on track and in a routine. Got a job as a lunch lady and the hours are quite early, which is good, but Im still adjusting lol had my yogurt and this sad pear for lunch today 🍐🍐also, got the BEST snes RPG today from an awesome friend!!!! Earthbound will always be my #1 🎮🎮 yoga done afyer work and now off to sleep! This mama is BEAT! #yoga #sadpear #sodelicious #keylime #earthbound #snes #RPG #nerdlife #nerd #gamergirl #lunchladyland #vegan #tattooedvegan #sexyvegan #yogi #loveanimalsdonteatthem #friendsnotfood #compassion #plantstrong #piercings #gauges
Looking 👀 for a dairy free delicious treat! Look no further! 🙌🏻🍨🍦 #yum #chocolate #dairyfree #vegan #glutenfree #healthyliving #dessert #sodelicious #getinmybelly
🍔Bleuburger #barspecial on Wednesdays. Loving their house ketchup!
We are getting to the point where we just share one dish. Tonight is was Crispy Coconut Shrimp 🍤🇺🇸😍 #sodelicious #taouptown
If you build it, they will eat. Especially if they're cheese fans like I am. 🧀 . In addition to the cupcakes from yesterday's post, I also hauled this Harvest Charcuterie Board to my Besties b-day dinner 🎉🎈🎁 on Monday. Between the clothbound @Cabot cheddar, the honeyed goat cheese (smothered in homemade Bourbon Apple Pear Butter,) the funky Gorgonzola, and the required smoked Gouda (hiding on the board you can't see) - let's just say there wasn't much left of any of it. The mulled 🍷 wine was also well paired with all of the fall flavors going on. 🍁🍂 . It just so happens to be perfect timing for the #CutTheCheese2017 food 📸 photography contest from @johnboosco and @cuttingboarddotcom! There are $10,000 bucks 💵 worth of prizes that anyone can win, since anyone can enter (as long as you do so by 9/30!) Stop by http://bit.ly/2ydMXAv for all the details!! . #ad #appetizers #cheeseboard #charcuterie #cheeseplease #cheeselovers #hautecuisines #saveurmag
Lovely dinner this evening at Earnesto's. Earnesto himself greets you and seats you and explains the menu - we enjoyed the San Antonio steak (and shrimp enchilada) & the special combination: red snapper stuffed with crab, plus grilled shrimp and lobster. The sauces were delicate and buttery and delicious! We will be back! #sodelicious #sofullnow #sanantonio #earnestos #weeatgood #lifeisgood
choco covered cream cheese #sodelicious #meltsinyourmouth #imdying
Stir fry wednesday! Gardein mandarin orange "chicken" and veggies (edamame, broccoli, onion, bell peppers, corn, green beans, garlic) with amino acids, ginger, and Chinese 5 spice! Sooo delicious! 😍👍🍜💜