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American society tends to focus on the symptoms or products of the problem and not the cause of the problem. The media is not a reflection of reality it's programming #tvprogramming #socialengineering #mediamanipulation
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😂✊🏿this How Egypt was whitewashed by white supremacist that created Egyptology -> #Howardcarter & #jameshenrybreasted Teach the babies African history ! #Egypt #is #African #Africa #egyptology #BlackHistory #nubian #socialengineering
Repost @residentoftheplanetearth ・・・ Repost @freedom_faction ・・・ Naled, a #pesticide commonly used in #Florida to ward off #Zika-carrying mosquitoes, was associated with motor function deficits in #Chinese babies, according to a study published in Environment International. As part of the study, a team of researchers at the #UniversityofMichigan’s School of Public Health and the U-M Center for Human Growth and Development examined umbilical cord blood samples from about 240 mothers between 2008 and 2011. The research team then followed the development of the babies using the Peabody Developmental Motor Skill Assessment at six weeks and nine months. The experts found that in-vitro exposure to the pesticide naled was tied to a three to four percent decline in fine motor skills, which indicate small movements of hands, fingers, face, mouth and feet, at nine months for babies who belonged in the upper percentile compared with those who had lower exposure levels. The research team also found that the chemical appeared to have a more detrimental effect on girls compared with boys. “Just because changes are small, that doesn’t mean they should be discounted. We really need to know more about it… Zika is a huge concern [and it is important] to always make sure there’s a focus on integrated pest management and not to just jump straight to spraying a chemical,” lead author Monica Silver told the Miami Herald. “Zika is a very serious public health threat. This information helps to highlight that the way we go about combating the #ZikaVirus and other vector-borne diseases needs to be thought out more completely in order to minimize other unintended consequences. For example, a focus on a more holistic integrated pest management approach may allow for the same or even improved effectiveness in reducing disease while using smaller amounts of these potentially harmful chemicals,” senior author John Meeker said in a university release. 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾 #PopulationControl #SocialEngineering #Depopulation #Dehumanization
Only on Instagram; a 10 minute Video Series on the "State Of Mind" film by @real_alexjones. Free on YouTube, #StateOfMind is the GREATEST of all the #AlexJones films he either made or produced in my opinion. If you are concerned with the state of #America and the WORLD and your instincts are telling you "SOMETHING" ISN'T RIGHT, watch this film. Once you watch it, you will have gained the KNOWLEDGE put together the rest of the puzzle and then and only then you'll able to see the big picture. It started with Plato, the architect of the #Matrix and over time many versions have been tried, but all have failed including our current and most successful form of #SocialEngineering or Social Order; CAPITALISM. The creation of capitalism has catapulted our society out of the dark ages to an enlighten and industrious period. For the first time in 1000s of years there was talk of a new class of people. The development of the "Middle-Class" is capitalism's greatest achievement, which is only 100 years old. Before 1917 or so there were only 2 classes of people; "Working/Servant/Slave Class" AND "Upper/Elite/Globalist Class". In 2017 the Middle-Class is shrinking and "THEY" are onboard to create a New World Order to replace capitalism called a "Resource Based Economy" where the #AI #Robots do all the work and you do WHATEVER YOU WANT TOO within reason and control. This future Matrix MAYBE better than capitalism who knows, but it seems to only work with THEIR projected global population size of 500 million - 2 billion people. Now "THEY" are NOT picking and choosing from the 7 billion people who #Survives the Great Reset; IT WILL BE UP TO YOU! THE TIME IS NOW TO TAKE THE RED PILL BY WATCHING THIS FILM IF YOU WANNA GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO MAKE ON THE OTHER SIDE. There is no escaping this TRUTH, you will come to the SAME conclusions as me, PREPAREDNESS IS THE ONLY OPTION. As you can SEE and FEEL "THEY" have already started and overtime "THEY" will slowly turn up the heat like a frog in water and eventually you will be COOKED if you don't make a decision soon. Stay Smarter, Work Harder, and ShopPreps™ to Be Better P.R.I.M.E! This is Frederick Reddie's #PreparednessAwareness.