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Through the Good days and bad days I’m learning more and more about the Father heart of God. How faithful and loving He is, how when He calls us into a place of growth that it’s not out of harm but out of goodness. That strength will soon blossom! I’m also learning how to endure. How to keep my endurance going. Sometimes I get slightly discouraged with this injury and my restrictions. Im healing very fast, but I still have restrictions. I often feel frustrated, tired. Because I still cant walk, I’m doing so well with healing. But how come I STILL can’t stand. But I know that this wound/injury is hard. It’s deep. It’s like our heart. We get so wounded, with our past, and our present that we need to heal. We need to remember to endure the healing process. I have 4 more weeks in a boot. Then I’ll be off Pt, for strengthening. I’ll be healing To be even stronger than I was before. Just like My relationship with Jesus will be. It’ll be stronger than ever, through healing and some one on one Rehab. Through enduring. 💕🌵 . . . . #socality #thatsdarling #coffeetime #life #lifestyleblogger #blogger #bossbabe #eatlocal #faith #endurance #endure #journaling #journey #relentlesswonder
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We're gearing up for our SECOND WEDDING *reception* tomorrow, here in the very cute town of Cedarburg where Matthew's parents live. Is this not the cutest venue you've ever seen?! • I'm feeling very spoiled and blessed that not only did we get to have the worlds greatest wedding, we get to celebrate our Love and Union AGAIN here with all of Matthew's family! And my parents are coming too! I gotta say, life is pretty sweet when you let it be ✨💖✨Huge gratitude to both sets of our incredible parents who have gone all out to make this time in our lives so special!!!
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. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
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