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🐣Snapme: chenn689 🌴 💘------------🐣 A few days ago as I was sitting on the floor of the gallery looking up at my pieces and I thought to myself 'where do I get off throwing an art show already, it's only been 2 years...it's only been 2 years?' And I was overcome with a feeling of pure happiness and excitement for where I have come in my career thus far. I don't know if I can begin to articulate how thankful I am for all the people that showed me support last night at the opening of MOUTH PIECE. Whether it was in person or over text I am overwhelmed with how amazing you all are and couldn't feel more blessed. MOUTH PIECE will be running today and all weekend at . I would love to hear what you think ❤ Special thank you to and for making this dream come to life. Pics by the amazing 👸----------------🍌
Idk if anyone cares but I got a Snapchat lol I post mediocre stories once a while we’ll... everyday but still lol (NO NUD ES THO!!) #addmeonsnapchat #snapchatcode #snapchatme
Let’s start a streak #snapchat #snapchatcode #snapchatstreaks
It's been a minute 😭 but we are back! This is our latest order!
New Snapchat! . Putting everything on the same name now. . Little easier and entrain me through the night shifts! . #1stphorm #nightshift #longnight