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Justin bought me home a new plant and apparently two little snail 🐌 buddies as well #snails
Just a few of the dudes from tonight's pond class. #snails #waterscorpion #dragonflynymph #bullfrog
With the weather being a little more damp than I'd like, (but not as bad as they said it would be by now over here) a whole party of snails came hang out while we got the laundry going and tried to beat the next random rain storm. Since my son has a current obsession with turbo we did get rained on a little. #snails #turbo #snailparty #nature #rainydays #tropicalstorm
Some of you may have witnessed the US debut of Monxx this past weekend at EDC when Herobust threw down a b2b with Monxx himself! #throwback Song: Monxx & Stabby - Swamp Stomp - LIKE | COMMENT | BASSFACE | SHARE