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Jika xmampu untuk mengukir senyuman . Jangan kau hadir untuk mengukir kedukaan dan kelukaan di hati ini . #GooDmorninG #SmileAlways #HaveaNiceDay #TimeToWork #ilovemyself
Ridigli in faccia al tempo quando passa per favore, ricordiamoglielo al mondo chi eravamo e che potremmo ritornare.👫 #smilealways #loveyourself #AnnaSorridente #toomonthsago #barcellona
Try to smile, then maybe the pain will go away. Smiling is contagious so if you smile someone else will, then you will have healed their pain. #smilealways @apocalypto_12
Yo muero de amor cuando ellos están juntos @giselabernaldeian @frandelgadooficial
Ian y elenita jugando @giselabernaldeian @frandelgadooficial
Hermosos matheo y si tío pepe @pepemoranteg @matheocruz14
No crezcas tanto hermoso @matheocruz14 @majito305
Muero de amor lo que eras mathi recordando con mamá @matheocruz14 @majito305
KEEP SMILING | Stay #happy always! 😁 // It was Boo's second week at preschool and she is still on the adjustment phase. Teacher couldn't get her to talk/speak up when she asked her questions, but she heard Boo talked to other kids 😄. So before we left, I asked Boo to say goodbye to her teacher to let her know that Boo appreciated her taking care of her while she was at school. 😊Happy Tuesday! 💗 • #smile #3yearsold #preschoollife #BooGrowingUp #OneStepAtATime