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Proud of my 3rd child Rheanna for getting this offer. Bittersweet... she's all we got left at home and she's almost gone for college too, omg!! Please freeze the time for me 😣😶🙄😏😃🤣 #happyformybabygirl #overwhelmedwithjoy #heartbreak #timeflies #3rdchild #smartkiddo
Went to Mikey’s parent teacher conference today and his teacher had nothing but amazing things to say about this cutie. One of the top in his class in reading. And proficient in everything else. Don’t think I could be more proud of him 🤗 he picked Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate ğŸŽ‰ ❤️😍 #proudmama #smartkiddo
Came home to him reading😍 #titleSlacker🙌 #smartkiddo
This dude right here blows us away with his smarts and his “want” to read, constantly. He read all 8 Harry Potter books in a matter of a couple months. We told him he would get $10 per book...we thought he deserved a bonus for reading them as quickly as he did. Needless to say, that smile says it all. He is now on his way to reading the Percy Jackson books. So proud of you Neil!! #bookworm #smartkiddo #futurescientist #gonnagobroke
Napaka talino ng anak ko sa Math. ...buti pa sya. LOL! #MAPEHneedsimprovementtho #smartkiddo
Happy 4th Birthday Prophet Elijah.. My 1st born. Love you dearly my son. The whole wide world will be amazed to see how much God will use you at an early age. #PropheticGeneration #SmartKiddo