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When water & light collide and created this magic. When I started food photography, I never knew I could be so into photographing drinks (I don’t drink. Full stop😅) - reflective surfaces like metal and glass is one of the most challenging things to photograph. But.. I have found an acquired interest in photographing liquid - with the vessels and the luminous colours that it creates. And.. sometimes, magical outtakes like this happens. This was one of the shots that didn't make it.. . Fun shooting with @obardining at their new gold leaf lounge last month. .
Morning 🙌🏼 wishing you all a very happy saturday! ✨ I have going back to bed and a bath on the cards once the hubs is up and then it’s back off to work at 4 but at least I’ll be squeaky clean and well rested!!! 🙈✨ #wintermornings #cosycuppa
Starting a cold Saturday morning with a cup of tea. There’s been a sheet of frost this morning, but apparently we’re due some snow this weekend. I have my fingers crossed for it to be true! Have a lovely weekend ❄️✨ . . . . #teaandseasons #cupsinframes #calm_collected #embracingtheseasonsathome #momentofslowliving #slowlivingforlife #nestandthrive #still_life_gallery #thathyggefeeling #stylingtheseasons #homeisacupoftea #byarrangement #timefortea #kinfolklife #foreverfaffing #nordicmood #distractionsandinspirations #Wintermood #mygratefulplace #ofcosymoments
Ricordo di un’estate.
How do you like your eggs in the morning!? From someone elses plate it seems #eatyourown #hecantreach
//B U S Y B E E I love this time of year for all the happiness shared and the joy that giving gifts brings to others. . . I am beavering away behind the scenes, but as the year is drawing to a close, I am happy for some more down time. It has been a very busy year of creating flowers for so many happy couples. We also had to sneak in our own wedding this year, which was so much fun. Plus moving across the other side of the country. So if I have a few more cups of tea and a nice sit down, I am not going to excuse it. . . Now to start getting some Christmas decorations up in my own home. I do love this time of year 🌲 . . 📷: @thecostasisters
Good morning! What are you up to today? I’m still in bed, Boomer is mooching about. I’m determined to finish off my Christmas shopping today, so I can relax and enjoy December. Have a good one ⭐️ #slowmorning #saturdayfeels #slowlivingforlife #noseycat #siameselovers #caturdays #stillinbed #stillinbedtho #greybedroom #christmasshoppingmission #thisgirlloveschristmas
Last night’s wreath-making efforts. Such a peaceful evening, I lit my candles, put some folky music on and then began play with the woody smelling wax flower and willow. 🌿 — Now time to start the weekend ✨
A few days of firsts... A mince pie yesterday, a cèilidh in Bonnie Scotland tonight And with my eyes shut the Christmas shop open, it’s not perfect but neither is my dancing🙈 But the signs are for that magical freedom to do a little shimmy and twirl across the kitchen floor as your favourite music plays, which I’d love to know what you’ll be playing? Let me know and in return you might get a Scottish tour in my stories, with the sparkly shoes tour. ✨
Look at me. I'm in the Daintree!!!! ❤️🍄🔅🌱
今日は教会でお世話になってる方の 赤ちゃんの誕生日会に呼ばれてダヘオンニ夫婦と4人で出席🥂 今から旦那のお世話になってる夫婦と会食🍽 写真は全然関係ない、日本に帰った時に行ったディズニーシー。笑 ________________________________________________ #dailypic #saturday
This morning we woke up at 3am, drove 1.5 hours to the Blue Mountains, watched the sunrise together, shot a surprise proposal (that will be up later on @lina_hayes) and then made ourselves brekky on the clifftop. Such a satisfying way to start our weekend... even if it's now 7:30pm and we are half asleep on the couch. 😅 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #theslowdownmovement #homecooking  #homemade #madewithlove #liveauthentic #instafood #foodphotography #thelifestylecollective #theslowdownmovement #theartofslowliving #momentsofmine #slowlivingforlife #seekthesimplicity #everdaymagic #vsco #simplicity #myeverydaymagic #livethelittlethings #littlestoriesofmylife #thesimpleeveryday #liveunscripted #slowlived #homemade #sunrise #lincolnsrock #bluemountains
It's a frosty start this morning, have a cosy one 💫
It's time to slow down. To stop asking questions for a bit and start eating chocolate in embarrassing quantities. See more and get a new inspiration in my blog post, active link in bio ❤️
✨ Today’s plans so far are, yoga, eggs & coffee for brekkie. Then wrapping up in all the layers I have with me and heading back to Bristol for a walk and explore around the North Bristol Arts Trail. Oh and also going to try @sky_kong_kong - as I’ve still not been there! Any recommendations of what to have, or do you just eat what is handed to you? 😊 . . Photo by the super talented @yogaandphoto from lasts Sunday’s #yogabrunchclub - we are back here next Sunday 3 December 🙏🏻
It’s this ones 17th Birthday today... 17 years ago I was 11 and just really thankful she didn’t arrive on my birthday (I know I don’t look 28... I still get ID’d for everything)! She’s such a perfect little sister, most of the time... and always on hand to model when I need her! She has the kindest heart of anyone I know and I am so happy I now live here to be able to spend more time with her. We are having a big Disney themed party tonight to celebrate! Everyone say Happy Birthday to @lucyannabooker xxx
Last night 💅🏻 How can you not when the bathroom is this dreamy?! I feel like we've stepped back in time & it's just magical! Heading down for breakfast now ahead of a day of exploring. Happy Saturday you gorgeous bunch! 💕