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There will be pink skies in hundreds of years. There will be people smiling up at them and snapping them and sharing them (can't imagine how by then!). We'll all be long gone. There will be old established trails of ivy creeping up our modern buildings that feel so very permanent to us. It's a funny thought...sounds a bit morbid at first but somehow there's something quite peaceful about it. At least there is to me 😊 I wonder what the nuns of Godstow Nunnery would have made of me wandering around their grounds staring up at their missing ceiling with this strange object in my hand 📱📷 I bet they liked the pink skies too 😊😉
This morning was pretty stormy by the sea. I tried to take Mabel (our puppy) for a walk but she was cold and terrified of the wind. I returned this evening just to sit on the sea wall and it’s amazing what some purposeful time out to just to sit can do for your soul!
Did you know this privately owned beach which occupies the semi circulate bay adjacent to Palolem is associated with Pandava legends? Knowing of our interest in culture and heritage, we were invited by the owners to explore this stunning beach. We set out in a boat which is the only way to get to beach. #privateislandtours #goa #loveit #beachbums #PalolemBeach #MonkeyIsland #likealocal #wanderlust #heritagetrails #slowliving_explore #mygoa #incredibleindia #instatravel #makeithappen
Getting ready for Thanksgiving and thinking I need to up my centerpiece goals 🙌🏼 😍 . Repost @wildfolkstudio
There’s a new blog post up all about the reasons why I write books. I’d love it if you had a read ☺️ link in bio!
Today is Tiggy’s eldest brother Finlay’s 8th birthday, we’ve had cake for breakfast, sung happy birthday and we’ve a little birthday tea this evening and a party this coming weekend but as I sit here I just can’t believe he’s 8 already! He’s such a wonderful big brother to Tiggy, she’s a very lucky little girl ❤️ #totallyunrelatedpicture #alltheautumnfeels #colourcolorlovers
Crisp rustle underfoot. Deep sun rays warming cold cheeks. The onset of festive feels and looking up to glowing colours like these. Autumn is just joy! 🍁
Nice little upcycle! ↔️
Those little legs ambled in the forest for a long time today ❤ #naturetherapy #lovewhereyoulive