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After 3 years with @key__baby who received the bill gates scholarship 😇and her PhD @ Loma Linda university in clinical health. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about health. I currently heal all forms of sickness including aids and cancer. Leave a comment and let know what u think. I am also a master massage therapist trained @ Santa Monica healing art academy. My passion is healing. And I take care of my people. That's why I'm a king.
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Nature 🌿
I fell in love 😭♥️
Trying out new things.. 🏂
Just like a pro!! 👏🏼 #iRuleSkateBox #ClublikoSB
eat bih
Vino un señor y volcó una bolsa de plástico con migas de pan. Es hora de irse volando de la Plaza de Armas. @nachosantalla