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Beauty can be found in the most simple of things 🌱 #flowers #beauty #simplicity #Orchids
My work view while baby naps ☺️ . You know those people who just go above and beyond for you…and suddenly you are filled with appreciation? . I had one of those moments today looking at these beautiful hydrangeas from my parents garden. They came over yesterday ‘just because’ and delivered these to us. . They remind me to appreciate the people in our lives even more. I am so grateful for them. They make me realize the power within us to give more, even when it’s hard. 💕. . #gratitude #family #hydrangeas #simplicity #appreciation #mompreneur #sahm #sahmbusiness #mamapreneur #toddlermom #toddlermum #dueinoctober
Double height windows and courtyard featuring the teak brick table that extends to four meters complimented by the orson chairs for @roda.official ➕architecture @hackettholland © @lucasallenphoto
Again requested by a client. She wanted it to be bold but not literal. So, bold I created and neon flicker as well. She of course loved it. She knows the words on the design, do you ?